13 Social Media Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Aug 10 2016

by Mandy Edwards


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A few months ago I, like many of you, attended the fabulous Southern C Summit. Throughout many of the sessions, many, and I mean MANY social media tools and programs were mentioned. I saw ladies feverishly jotting down the names, looking up the apps on their iPhones and such. Owning a social media marketing company, I have tried just about every single one of these out.

There are SO many programs out there that you could spend a month trying them all out and still not know which one to use or what direction to go. Trust me, I’ve been there. After 5 years in the social media business, I’ve seen so many programs come and go, you have to look for ones that have staying power.

So to make it easy for you, here’s my list of social media tools you can use to make YOUR life and your business run MUCH easier…

Social Media Management/Post Scheduling 

Being able to schedule out posts will make your life A LOT easier. However, you still have to be available to engage in real time with people – respond to questions, take care of issues that pop up – you can’t brush it under a rug. Here are four programs you can’t go wrong with. I do suggest you take the time to explore each of them on your own, rather than me list out the pros and cons of each 🙂





When it comes to analytics, each platform has their own and they typically provide the best. Google Analytics provide THE best website analytics I have come across. Of course, when it comes to comparing your social accounts to your competitors, well, that could be another blog post all in itself since there are another set of sites and programs you could use. We’ll stick to this list for now:

I’m not going to get into photo editing and such – that’s another post for another day. These tools are here to make your business’ social media run easier so you can get back to running your business.

If you have questions about these programs, just tweet me at @memktgservices or drop me an email at mandy@memarketingservices.com!


(Disclosure: Sprout Social link is my referral link as a part of their Sprout All-Star program)


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