Simple Kale Salad

Oct 9 2013

by Marianne Brown

Fall is here. I am sad that my summer garden is dwindling, but glad to see all the beautiful greens and mixed squash filling the grocery shelves and CSA boxes here in Colorado. Alas, no more fresh peaches, but a plethora of different apple varieties, kale, sweet potatoes, and colorful winter squash are making themselves known. It is so weird, and at the same time so delightful to me how I crave certain foods at certain times of the year. It may be obvious to say, ‘well, that is what is in season,’ and I’m not saying I don’t enjoy a good sweet potato, apple, or leafy vegetable year-round, but when Fall hits I am like a Fall veggie fean! I start craving hearty greens and baked potatoes, not to mention pumpkin pie. Uummmmm…… Anyway, let me get a grip on myself and back to the recipe at hand.

Several weeks ago, I went to meet a friend for lunch downtown and my lunch was accompanied by a kale salad. I was already having fall cravings, and this simple salad hit the spot. I came home and attempted to make my own, and wahla. I present to you Simple Kale Salad.


Simple Kale Salad

Prep: 15min. / Cook: 5 min. (for peanut sauce) / Serves: 3-4 as side

Curly and dino kale are what I commonly find in the grocery. Either variety is fine, or mix them both. I used curly kale this time because it just looked the best at the store. First, rinse and wash your kale very well. Then shred or cut the leaves from the stem. You may stack and then cut the leaves into smaller strands as well. If you are just not feeling the complete raw kale factor, you may lightly sauté your kale for 2 minutes to make the leaves a little more limp, but I am telling you, if you have a hankering for something green, leave it raw. It’s delicious. Now, to make your dressing: Homemade Peanut Sauce

Homemade Peanut Sauce

Prep time: 10min/Cook Time 5min.

Use fresh ground peanut butter, or a brand that is very oily (showing oil on top when you open it). Mince your ginger, and simply place all in ingredients in a sauce pan. Turn heat to medium/low, and stir for about 5min. Add more water until desired consistency is achieved.

Top your kale with your warm peanut sauce. If you have extra, this can be keep in an air tight container in the frig for about a week. Now, sprinkle on your pine nuts, and dig in!

*Kale is commonly referred to as a SUPERFOOD. Packed with vitamins and cancer fighting properties. It is tasty and easy to grow too. So, eat up!


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