Sales Lessons from Product Launch

Nov 11 2015

by Alesya Opelt

Alesya Bags Launch Email Saddle Work Satchel

At the end of October, I launched a new line of Alesya Bags.  This is the forth collection for the brand and by making mistakes, I’ve learned a lot.  Here are my top three sales lessons this time around.

You Need Basic Awareness
Before I launched, I was told by several people that my lower priced items would sell more.  Clients would need to test my brand before making a big purchase.  But the top selling product was my Work Satchel.  It’s the most expensive item in the current line.

Why?  Up until 2 weeks ago I only sold laptop bags.  No wallets or anything else.  Work bags are what people know from me and what they are interested in purchasing from me.  Now I need to get the word out on the rest of the line too.

Alesya Bags Product Shoot
Product Photography

Taking a picture of something in front of a white background seems simple enough.  It’s not – it’s an exact science.  The formula involves an excellent photographer, a prop stylist and a studio with perfect lighting.  While the product has to look it’s best, it’s even more important that is looks accurate.

This year’s collection have been by best photos.  People who got a sneak preview were oooing and ahhhhing.  When we shrunk down the image of the Saddle Satchel though it looked orange.  I noticed it.  My PR firm noticed it.  Then the final straw was one of my closest advisers said it was especially orange on her phone.

At the 11th hour my design team tweaked the photo so it looked like like the real color of the bag – a lovely neutral brown.  Guess what the first two products where that sold on launch day?  Two Saddle Work Satchels.

Don’t Neglect Any Platform
It was the end of a long day.  I’d answered over 100 messages.  Been to the warehouse.  Had dozens of phone calls.  I was spent.  And then a thought – in all the excitement I’d forgotten to post on Instagram.  Shoot!  I put up a photo before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning I had a short email.  “Saw your Work Satchel on Instagram.  Do you sell in any local retailers?  Would you consider letting us carry Alesya Bags?”  It was a prestigious store in the heart of Charleston.  I almost dropped my laptop.

Instagram isn’t my biggest social media platform.  I get more activity on Facebook and Twitter.  I’m so happy I remembered it though.  You never know where a wonderful client will hear about your business.  Even if it’s one person, it could be that RIGHT one person.


What’s your best sales tip?  Let me know on Twitter OR Instagram.  I’d love to share it in a future column.


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