Q&A with Eric Prum – Creator of the Mason Shaker

Feb 11 2013

by The Southern Coterie

Interview by Cecilia Eisenträger

W & P Design creates products inspired by combined passions for vintage Americana, southern sensibility, and New York industrialism. From their workshop based in Brooklyn, NY, southern born creatives Eric Prum and Josh Williams, are bringing unique goods that pay tribute to both bygone American eras and modern usability, while staying true to their Southern roots.

When and where did you come up with this fun idea of Mason Shaker?

The Mason Shaker® is a unique Mason Jar cocktail shaker created by W&P Design, a design and manufacturing firm founded by two best friends raised in the south. The concept for the Mason Shaker® was developed from an obsession with vintage kitchenware (Josh) and an uncanny ability to fashion impromptu drinking tools at a moment’s notice (Eric). After one too many mint juleps poured from a poorly-modified Mason Jar one summer, the idea for a better (and cooler) cocktail shaker hit us like a double shot of bourbon. The Mason Shaker® was born. We came up with the original idea back in school at the University of Virginia.

What is your favorite cocktail to make in the Mason Shaker?

Here is one of our favorite cold-weather cocktails, an herbaceous drink equally suited for a night by the fire or a Sunday afternoon with friends. Yes, the maple syrup does also qualify it as a brunch item.

The Mason Shaker Cocktail

(makes two drinks)

3 shots of good, quality bourbon

1.5 shots freshly squeezed lemon juice

1 shot dark amber maple syrup

1 lg. sprig of rosemary plus 2 small sprigs (reserve for garnish)

I. Combine the bourbon, lemon juice and maple syrup in the Mason Shaker .

II. Crush the large sprig of rosemary in your hand and add to the Shaker.

III. Add ice to above the level of the liquid, cap and shake vigorously for 20 seconds.

IV. Strain mixture into rocks glasses containing large cubes of ice and garnish with remaining sprigs of Rosemary.

What do you love most about the South?

What’s not to love? Aside from Virginia being our home towns, I spent time growing up in Asheville, Durham and Louisville. Josh and I love the culture, food, and drink. I am also partial to the many outdoor activities you can find year round in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

What’s your favorite memory involving the Mason Shaker?

Launching- It’s been a crazy year in the studio and ware house. Each Mason Shaker had to be hand assembled and all hands have been on deck. It’s kind of been a family band experience with all family, friends lending a hand. It has been a truly gratifying experience to see an idea and passion turn into what I get to do every day.

WEBSITE: www.masonshaker.com


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