Are You Oversharing on Social Media?

Jan 10 2018

by Mandy Edwards

The Southern Coterie blog: "The Problem with Oversharing on Social Media" by Mandy Edwards (photo: Chanterelle Photography of Callie's Biscuits at the 2016 Southern C Summit)
Social media is a place to engage with each other and have fun – share memories, share good times and bad, share experiences (like meeting Carrie Morey of Callie’s Biscuits at the 2015 Summit!). It is NOT a place to share everything short of when you use the restroom. (photo: Chanterelle Photography)

We all know ‘those’ people. They may be in our family. They may be in our circle of friends. And they may even be some of your employees. I’m talking about the ones who are oversharing on social media. You know, give you the minute-by-minute detail of their lives and those who post endless selfies.

Social media is a place to engage with each other and have fun – share memories, share good times and bad, share experiences. NOT share everything short of when you use the restroom.

Oversharing on social media has become a problem. People are using platforms as their online diaries, broadcasting their personal grievances and details of their children’s lives for the entire world to see. I am going to drop some truth on you right now. The world does not care what your Elf on the Shelf did every night. The world does not care what your kids got for Christmas or their birthday (aside from maybe your family). Nor does the world care about every detail of your life. Harsh? Yes, but those most vested in your life and that do care will do so offline.

What happened to personal space and privacy?

Psychology Today addressed six reasons people overshare on social media a few years ago, however the reasons still remain the same today –

In another article, the Huffington Post looked at three other reasons people overshare, and these seem to be more in-line with what we actually see –

Facebook has provided a solution to those of us who are tired of these types of posts taking up space in our newsfeed. You can now snooze people for 30 days or unfollow them – all while keeping the Facebook friendship in place. The offending party will have no idea you are no longer seeing their posts.

People unfollow businesses for posting too much, so what happens if the oversharer is a business owner? This is where the territory gets tricky.

I have often written about you being an extension of your brand/company, no matter if you are the owner or an employee, and everything you do online is a reflects back on that brand/company. If you are oversharing every sordid detail of your life, and you own a business, how do you think that may affect your business?

Very rarely does oversharing positively affect your business. More often than not, it will harm it.

So there has to be a balance, right? It’s called common sense.

You cannot be too careful in this day and age, especially when it comes to children. Being married to a prosecuting attorney I could write an entire post on why you should not post about your children online (and yes, he does get mad when I post anything that just might give details away about our daughters).  

Post personal highlights, not the details.

It’s okay if you do not post every day. People are not going to forget about you.

If you have something sensitive going on in your family, don’t post about it. Not everyone in your family wants it out there online – trust me on this one.

If you are only posting for attention and validation – DO NOT POST IT. This is the root of the majority of social media posts – people wanting attention and people seeking validation because they are missing something in their lives. What’s missing? I can’t say – only they know.

We all know oversharers – you may even be one and not know it (most do not realize it). Everyone needs to think before they post, whether they post once a month or once a day.

What advice would you give to someone who is constantly oversharing?


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Midwest Transplant. Wife. Mom to 2 redheaded daughters. Owner of ME Marketing Services, a social media marketing company. Proud University of Georgia alum and Bulldog football season ticket holder. Honored as one of UGA's 40 Under 40 Alumni for 2016. British Royal History Fanatic. Love all things Southern.

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  1. Nyralove

    I love the way the tough love articles written on the Southern C and it could not have been written any better. I believe it has been a common fear for most that if you don’t post 3 times a day 7 days a week that your customers will forget about you, due to the articles on Instagram algorithm’s and what not but its just not so. Thank you for sharing and I hope more people follow suit and re-evaluate the reasoning behind the posting.

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