Pottery Barn Features A Best Friend’s Wedding

Apr 5 2014

by Christy Griner Hulsey

That moment I never want to forget: when Pottery Barn called to say they want to feature my daughter holding my best friends wedding bouquet.

There is so much love in this bit. Sooo much love.

My favorite person, Beatrice holding my other favorite person, Linsay’s, flowers. And, I put those flowers together. I worked on it for months, and months. I didn’t sleep for days before Matthew & Linsay got married because when I know my bride personally it is very emotional. You wanna make them absolutely-positively-perfect for that person. It’s art. It means something. I want to make their dreams come true – everything they ever wanted, ever were and are to become – all of that in the compilation of flowers.

I know, it’s ridiculous. It’s just so true.

For Linsay’s bouquet my 88 year old Grandmother sent Golden Raintree Blooms all the way from Nashville, Ga, we foraged fresh Oak branches & Nandina leaves days before and of course, we imported the freshest, most amazing blooms we could. Even ripened Olive Branches, privet berries and coral charm peonies.

The recipe.

oh, Oh, OH the flower recipe has to be something, something wonderfully personal and beautifully meaningful for this bride. I love her, after all.

Lemme tell you about Linsay, a UGA grady school girl who comes from a line of UGA grads, is one of those people that is good, wholesome, sweet, kind, brilliant & giving all of the time. She’s one of those gals. You know the ones that are extraordinarily attractive, always smiling while nice to every person and animal they meet. She earns the best life a person can lead because she is so genuinely well mannered and kind.

Heart. Of. Pure-gold.

Then there’s, Matthew her fiance who is simply incredible – handsome, smart, totally southern gent. Love. So much love all around this. You’re feelin’ it, aren’t you?

Plus, their families are just as perfect. Lins, for one, has the best parents I know. These are the best folks in the world, like ever.

So you get the idea, the flower recipe had to be absolutely, positively right-on because I know this fascinatingly divine crowd very well. To me it was. At least, the blossom-program was everything I felt in that moment of making. I never know what the bride really thinks, or what other people think. That is the part I worry about, the part that makes me nervous. I know when I feel it’s right and that’s about it.

This bouquet is about three times larger than any bouquet I’ve ever made as I have no idea how it happened except that I was so caught up in LINSAY’s wedding (!!!!) that the love felt big that day. It had full blooms, budding blooms and flowers in all stages of life to represent the life of these two people. It had things clipped by my Grandmother, things clipped by me and things I think beautifully express this world God has given us and the love so great between this couple.

I guess, I am trying to say that this moment – the one of handing my heartfelt work… the flower ingredient list that takes months & months to come to fruition, the bouquet that is a life time of friendship, blessings, belief and wishes all bundled within one round of velvet and a tie of twine is about to meet the woman it’s meant for, the woman I thought about with everything within me for so many days and nights… and, all I can worry about is that everything in me is in that mound of fauna and that I hope she and the world like it… that it’s okay.

Will it bring her joy and all the things I wish? I hope so.

Will she love it? Oh, goodness. I hope so.

Will it make her radiant? And, bring beauty to the ceremony before her? Ah! I hope so.

Will the world like it and understand it as much as I do?

For me, delivering the bridal bouquet is the wink it’s all about. It’s the twinkle, that flash of time that’s every single thing. It’s when my gift is delivered. It’s the definitive. It is markedly special to me especially when it’s the moment my best friend is receiving her bouquet. Even more so, when I am absent as my daughter steps in to make this giving over of my love.

So, when Pottery Barn called to confide that they think that moment between Beatrice, Linsay & I is beautiful with a wish to feature it on to Have & to Hold, I knew. I finally knew, that the world thinks it’s okay. The world thinks the flower recipe is just right for this person, this friend, this bride & groom. While not overshadowing them, it’s understated compared to how big their love is. It compliments & enlightens the devotion of the day, the couple & the emotion & the commitment before them just perfectly.

So now, I can relax.

Thank you, Pottery Barn.



See the full DIY post from Camp Makery here.

Floral Design House: Colonial House of Flowers

Photography: Haley Sheffield

Location: Old Freeman Farm, Cooperville, Georgia


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