Poised for Press: Making Sure You’re Ready for Media Attention

Jun 24 2015

by Lauren Hopkins

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Anytime I take on a new client, it’s important that I make sure their brand is prepared for the eyes of editors, producers and influencers to click through their site and scroll through their social feeds.

If you are embarking on your own PR outreach or blogger relations campaign, you should follow this same process. It’s much like you prepare for that once-a-year special affair, make a checklist of all of the things you need in order before you introduce your brand to the world. There are three primary ways you can make sure you are poised for press:

ONE :: Review your website: What can you do to make sure your site is in tip-top-shape (even if you don’t have budget to invest in a redesign)?

  1. Streamline inventory: Clear out old products or anything that doesn’t sell well.
  2. Ensure all of your products have at least one image taken on a crisp white background. This helps editors use your exact product shots rather than having to shoot their own when they’re on a tight timeline or a tighter budget.
  3. Assess your product descriptions, specs, etc. Is all of the information accurate and free of error?
  4. Update your “About” or brand information. The best way to do this is share it with a professional or talented friend who can edit the information for you with a keen eye. You want it to be informative while also revealing your passion and what sets you apart in the industry.
  5. Consider updating lifestyle images, founder headshots or other key imagery as it relates to your brand. Oftentimes, investing in a small lifestyle photo shoot can pay off big time. Not only can you use these images on your site, you can also utilize them via social outlets and in media pitches as well.

TWO :: Ensure you have everything editors might need prepared and ready on short notice. This includes:

  1. High-resolution product and lifestyle images
  2. Sample products for trial
  3. Product information (pricing, availability, etc.)
  4. Someone on-hand who is prepared for a potential interview or Q/A

THREE :: Carefully edit and curate your social feeds.

  1. Begin posting content regularly that is on-brand, informative and showcases your products. Editors often scroll through these feeds to see if you are a match for their story or publication. Show them that you are!
  2. Delete outdated or off-brand images.



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Lauren was born into a strong entrepreneurial family and she always hoped to forge her own path. A graduate of Furman University, she honed her service and networking skills in luxury real estate marketing for the venerable Sea Island Resorts. Her communication skills, account management, and public relations savvy was further cemented during her time with Butin Integrated Communications, where she managed and maintained high-level accounts. After the birth of her first child, Lauren followed a zeal for the small business and launched LBH & Co. in 2013 to provide an intentional group of clients individualized attention and unmatched passion for their services and crafts.

She and her husband, Lee, are raising their daughter (Grace) and son (Ford) on St. Simons Island where she is active in their Church, her children’s schools, and several community organizations that remain close to her heart.

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