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We’ve all heard the phrase, “find your niche.” As a young child, my parents would say it to me all the time. At an early age, I began to realize that I thought differently than others.  I was creative—an idea person.  Nothing really intimidates me—for long.  No idea is too big.  That can be good and that can be bad.  By the time I entered high school I had my sights set on law school.  When I got there, I LOVED learning about the law.  What I didn’t realized is I still had this creative thing in the back of my mind that was itching to get out!  So I started a creative wholesale business.  Much to my surprise and most definitely by the grace of God, it was a great success, but it began to tax my ever growing family.  So I went back to what I knew—the law.  Still, there was a side of me that wanted to continue working with the creative sorts that I had so closely identified with over the past decade.   So I went back to some really great advice….I went searching for my niche.  And guess what?  It didn’t take me very long to find it.  Now I practice law and work in the creative arts industries advising and counseling those who own creative businesses.

So what is a niche?  The word niche comes from the French verb meaning “to nest.” It is defined as “a place, employment, activity for which a person is best fitted.” A business niche, then, is a commercial means of livelihood involving work that you are completely suited for, that you feel “at home” doing. Finding the right niche allows you to “live your real life” doing work you love.

Despite our working definition, many business owners choose not to find a niche.  Why is that, you may ask.  Firstly, creating niche requires you to narrow your business focus.  This is hard for many—to focus, that is.  Business owners don’t want to turn away business.  Niching requires simplification.  Second, some business owners feel like niching is boring, as they don’t want to do the “same thing every day, all day.”

Although it is counterintuitive, here’s are four reasons why niching works.  Niching forces you to be clear about your business purpose.  Next, it creates a focus that immediately communicates to prospective customers what you stand for.  Thirdly, you are quickly able to pinpoint and target your clientele.  Last, you will be able to convey your uniqueness to your prospective customers that sticks in their minds. As you move forward with your business, periodically, check yourself to make sure you are staying true to your niche.  This will make your life and the life of your customers even better!  If you attended the Summit, did you notice how the presenters are filling a niche? Most, if not all, have a found a lane, set the cruise, and are moving forward. In particular, Hoffman Media did a great job in their session discussing this.

I enjoyed seeing many of you there!

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Angie Avard Turner is an attorney who exclusively represents clients in the creative arts industries including retailers, wholesalers, artists, photographers, event planners, bloggers, and other creative service providers.  She is licensed to practice law in the state of Georgia, but she is able to handle copyright and trademark issues nationally.  For more information regarding her practice, visit­­­. Angie is also the owner and creative director behind Hype Strype, a fine stationery company that caters to those who love bright colors and patterns. 

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