Aug 21 2013

by Whitney Long

Although August is winding down, there is still time to celebrate National Peach Month! It doesn’t get much better than biting into a fresh, juicy summer peach and lucky for us, we are right in the middle of peach season here in the south! From the roadside stands that dot our landscape to the grocery stores and farmers markets, nothing says summer like a fresh peach.

How do you like to eat peaches? One of my favorite ways to eat a fresh peach comes from my grandmother, Me-Mommy. I ate them at her house countless times growing up and now it’s a family favorite in my house. Simply peel and cut the peach into bite size pieces, sprinkle lightly with sugar then cover about halfway with milk. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to get really chill then enjoy this cool and sweet treat! It’s a great way to use fresh strawberries, too.

There are so many creative and delicious ways to use peaches – pies, cakes, cobblers, salsa, jams and jellies, salads, ice cream; etc. We have picked (no pun intended) some favorite recipes to share while yummy summer peaches are still bounteous:

Peach and Tomato Gazpacho with Cucumber Yogurt

Grilled Peach and Mozzarella Salad

Peach Pecan Muffins

Fresh Peach Frozen Yogurt

Peach and Brie Quesadillas with Lime-Honey Dipping Sauce

Savory Peach Chicken

Grilled Pork Chops with Southern Peach Salsa

Mama Hattie’s Ultimate Peach Cobbler (from contributor Emily Labordes’s blog)



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