Paloma de Amor

Feb 12 2014

by Marianne Brown

For Valentine’s Day, we though we would share a libation that will really make your night sizzle. One that will light the flame of love, so to speak. I want to start out by saying that I am not usually the biggest fan of tequila. $2 marg Tuesday’s and shot skis from my younger years still haunt my memories. Recently I have slowly been getting more acquainted with good tequila. So I just want to say, if you are not a tequila lover, even more reason to try this cocktail, and if you are, then you really will fall in love with it!

A Paloma is a tequila based cocktail commonly mixed with a Spanish grapefruit-flavored soda. With all the delicious citrus present in the produce area lately, we thought this seemed the perfect combination. It is truly love-ly.


Preptime 5min./ Makes 2 cocktails

First, wash your fruit. Then, get a peeler and peel two slices of blood orange rind and set aside. (I found this was easier to do before juicing and for prettier garnish.) Next, simply juice 1/2 of your grapefruit and 1/2 of your blood orange. Pour juice into your rocks glass over ice and then add 1 shot of tequila and stir. You should have a 1:2 ration of tequila to juice. For cocktails, we love the the Tovolo cube ice trays. These large square cubes not only make a statement, but they won’t water down your drink!

I like to make these one at the time with my glass citrus juicer, but you may juice the entire fruit at once, use more fruit, and use a shaker too if you are making them for a gathering. I find that with good juicy seasonal citrus that 1/2 grapefruit + 1/2 blood orange + 1 shot Tequila is the perfect combination. Or, as said, a 1:2 ratio of tequila:juice.

Now, for the grand finale! Grab a slice of blood orange rind and hold a flame to the outer surface for a few seconds. What you are trying to do is draw the citrus oil to the surface. Next, hold your flame just beside the rim of your glass and your rind in your other hand with the outer surface facing down into the glass. When ready, place the rhine beside the flame and squeeze with two fingers. The oils will ignite like a flame on the end of cupid’s arrow! After your rind ignites, add it to your drink as a garnish. Some citrus oil may be present on the surface of your drink, and in addition, when you place your cocktail to your lips to take a sip, the aroma of your drink will be divine!

Whether you are looking forward to a romantic Valentine’s evening or enjoying close friends, this simple cocktail is sure to impress and be enjoyed by all!


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