Orange Is The New Black

Aug 21 2013

by Lisa Mende Design


Orange is the New Black?

Orange isn't Just for Fall


Orange isn’t Just for Fall

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In light of all the hype around the Netflix series “Orange is The New Black” I decided we need to talk about this fab color! It’s not just for prison jumpsuits, although I do think Martha Stewart totally rocked the look when she was a resident.

Vignette by Elizabeth at Little Black Door



It’s that time of year, when we are gearing for the change of seasons which means putting a little Fall into our decor. I have to admit, one of my favorite fall colors to decorate with is orange. It makes the otherwise neutral fall colors much more interesting. I love orange flowers, orange linens and just about anything orange. Over the past few years, orange has been creeping off the runway and into home decor. It’s not just for Fall or Halloween decorating anymore. How did this love affair with orange begin? Could it be from popularity of status brands known for their bold use of orange? I mean come on, who doesn’t think of Hermes when you think of orange? Which one of you wouldn’t love to find an orange Birkin or Clic H bracelet on your bed when you get home today? Exactly! I would be lying if I told you I only use orange in the fall. I discovered the versatility of orange, about 10 years ago, when I bought my first pair of Tory Burch Patty Wedges. I quickly found out that it was a perfect accent color. It goes with everything! Pop a pair of orange shoes, handbag or scarf on an otherwise boring outfit and it kicks it up a several notches. It’s the same with a room. Throw in a couple of orange pillows, a vase or rug and voila instant update! Just look what the Hermes boxes do for the vignette in the first photograph above created by Elizabeth from Little Black Door.

Love it or hate it?

What about you…do you like orange? Let me hear your thoughts? P.S. I just got an orange sofa, you will hear about later!


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