One Simple Step with Huge Results

Nov 18 2015

by Haile McCollum


One of the key tenants of building a strong brand is consistency.

being consistent helps you in lots of ways, some are pretty obvious like:

and some are a little less obvious like:

Please don’t confuse consistent with boring. Being consistent and knowing your brand should actually be creatively liberating. In eliminating some paths that you could take, you can refine your brand messaging and make it more impactful.

The single biggest thing you can do for your brand today is to create a style guide. 

A Style Guide can be as simple as a single sheet that documents your logo, fonts, colors (PMS, RGB, Web, CMYK) and tagline if you have one. Once you create this, share it. With everyone. Your team, your clients, your Mother. Seriously! Everyone.

Another, part of documenting your brand and being consistent is making it easy for anyone to use your logo. Have your logo in white, in black in full color RGB, in full color CMYK and as a .eps, .jpg and a .png. If you have no idea what any of that means, ask the person who designed your logo to provide it. ALL of it. Then put it in a folder in the cloud and share that link like it’s candy on Halloween.

Here is a link to a very simple style sheet:

Link to an actual Style Sheet

If you’d like to see a full brand book, I’d be happy to send you a link. Just ask!



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Haile is the Owner of Fontaine Maury a brand and design firm in Thomasville, Georgia. Fontaine Maury works with emerging and growth minded companies and non-profits to engage their audiences in a more meaningful way and maximize profits. She develops, documents and extends brands through creative business strategies including: brand messaging, brand strategy, print design and digital design.

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