New Year, Fresh Start – Five of my goals

Jan 13 2015

by Cheri Leavy

1. Slow down and be grateful

I am truly blessed and I am going take more time to be thankful.  And that being said, I am going to tell people thank you more.  So I am stocking up on some new pretty stationery and pens to add to the fun.


(TSC co-founder Whitney Long had a great post on TSC – The Power of the Thank You Note that goes into the structure of the thank you note and some great suggestions of where to get good stationery designed.  Another great TSC post with A Guide to Gracious Gratitude is from Erika Preval.)

2. #BePositive

I am going to look at things from a positive angle. I am going to surround myself with positive people.  I am an optimistic person who sees the silver lining and best in others but I tend to beat myself up.  I want to be sure to not only evaluate what I should have done or how an effort fell short, I am going to #bepositive and remind myself of small successes and what went right.


3. Travel somewhere monthly

I am at my best when I am learning and meeting new people.  That happens most when I travel.  I tend to hit refresh on a trip as well as tap into my creativity.  So far I have the Antiques & Garden Show of Nashville in January and the Thomasville Antiques Show in February.  I am trying to swing a trip to New York Fashion Week with Heery’s Clothes Closet to the TIBI show too but hubs may say nay.  After football season with Bulldawg Illustrated, I need to tap into my girly interests.

4. Give back

I try to live by this but maybe I need to have a monthly goal to this one too. Vance and I just served dinner this past week at the FaithWorks homeless shelter in Brunswick when the temperatures dipped.  That certainly got us thinking on how this issue is worse in Athens or more obvious since it is so prevalent downtown and you see it so much more.  We are going to check into efforts there when we head back later this month as it was very rewarding.  One man told us thank you for relating to him as a human being after a conversation.  WOW.  And on a lighter note, I am helping with The Georgia Museum of Art’s biennial gala, Elegant Salute XIV and the after-party, #getyourpuccion in celebration of the museum’s exhibition, “Emilio Pucci in America.”  The museum relies on private donations to fund programming and exhibitions, making this event on January 31 vital to the museum’s success.  I need to figure out my monthly philanthropy past January and get it on the calendar.  It feels good to give more, take less.

(TSC co-founder Whitney Long had two great posts on TSC about brands that are giving back – Ten Options to Purchase with a Purpose and Purchase with a Purpose Part Deux)

5. Get a grip on my social media

I am a social media butterfly and love sharing and following along with my friends and clients in work and play but sometimes I LOVE when we finish a great meal or go see live music and I have forgotten to take a photo or share a video.  It’s ok to log out.  Hootsuite is about to be my BFF so I can organize my work posts and have things scheduled to promote my clients and guide2athensBulldawg Illustrated and The Southern Coterie.  Of course I won’t kill the spontaneity and in the moment posts but I need more strategy and better planning and sometimes we need to be present and log out.

I went to this Widespread Panic show in Memphis this past fall when we went to the UGA vs Arkansas game in Little Rock and I #sorrynotsorry apologize that I logged out and didn’t share this incredible encore til now.  Widespread Panic performed the most amazing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” with Neal Casal, Adam McDougall and Chris Robinson sitting in.  I am glad I just boogied instead.  Have a little fun and listen and then read Jennifer Bilbro’s advice on Hootsuite.  Schedule some posts, be present.

(Jennifer’s reminder about Hootsuite in a post on TSC – Hootsuite, Hootlet, Hootie Making Social Seamless)

And in between these five good intentions, I am launching a redesign of the website for guide2athens, planning The Southern C Summit in Charleston for spring and going on a vacay with my hubby for my birthday in March.  My first quarter is shaping up to be packed with challenges and fun just how I like it.

Chime in and tell me your intentions and plans for 2015.





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