Nashville in 24 Hours

Oct 4 2012

by Amber Wilson

Last weekend, I spent 24 hours in Nashville and my plans mostly revolved around food. But really, who can blame me? Nashville is becoming as famous for food as the city is famous for music. Where are your favorite Nashville hotspots? Here are a few places that I found myself adoring.

I began my journey at The Pharmacy Burger. You must have the Pharmacy Burger, tots and a chocolate milkshake. You will not be disappointed.

Next stop was at Imogene + Willie, THE place to get the most comfortable pair of jeans you will ever own. It’s a Southern gem.

After shopping, I walked a few paces down the street to The Frothy Monkey, an adorable coffee shop that boasts some of the city’s best coffee. I concur!

After coffee, we decided to take a stroll through Nashville’s Zoo. Completely shaded and full of charm, the zoo felt more like walking through a nature trail at moments. It was a beautiful day and the animals seem to enjoy the day as well! Especially this little goat was especially cute.

The best was saved for last! The Wizard of Oz was playing at the historic Franklin Theatre that evening. Watching the film and listening to children laugh at this iconic film for the first time was merely magical.

The next day was bleak and rainy, so we decided to cheer up the day with a visit to Baja Burrito and it cheered up our spirits and our growling tummies.

Finally, a final farewell to the city and a bit of caffeine was in order. Crema seemed to be the place to go. The quality of coffee was astounding.

Thank you for a lovely weekend Nashville!


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