My 5 Favorite Fabric Lines!

Aug 14 2013

by Anna-Kristin Yabrough

If you want to stop an interior designer in their tracks, ask them what their favorite fabric lines are. Although the textile industry competition is getting fiercer and fiercer, most people in the design business have their favorites. We thought it would be fun to get one designer to spill the beans on her top picks, and she was all too happy to do it! Former Nashvillian now Houstonian, Brooke McGuyer of Brooke McGuyer Interiors, shares with us her 5 favorite fabric lines for the home.

BACKGROUND: Known for her fresh take on traditional design, Brooke McGuyer has a flair for creating chic, sophisticated, and timeless interiors. Taking the time to listen, she identifies a client’s design aesthetic and tailors a space to reflect their unique personality and lifestyle. Brooke styles livable, yet elegant environments based upon her philosophy of mixing texture, patterns, and color to give a room character.

A Texas native, Brooke received her bachelor’s degree from Vanderbilt University before attaining her associate degree in Interior Design from the New York School of Interior Design. Brooke worked as a design assistant at multiple firms in Houston, Nashville, and New York, before co-founding a Nashville based design firm, Sevier & White Interiors, and a retail store, Petit Chateau, in 2007. Brooke’s work through Sevier & White Interiors has been featured in Southern Accents, as well as, Southern Living. Her passion for design and love of Texas beckoned her back home where she established Brooke McGuyer Interiors. She credits her keen design sense and introduction into the design industry to her aunt, Cathy Chapman, founder of Chapman Design also here in Houston.


Thank you girls for asking me to be guest blogger today to talk about one of my favorite subjects: FABRICS! Selecting and incorporating fabrics are one of my favorite steps in the design process because they help provide color, texture, and pattern, all of which are key design elements in creating a beautifully designed space. Think tangerine and white geometric patterned pillows on a neutral chenille sofa, or a luxurious lavender colored cashmere throw on a linen slipcovered chair. Or think about it like this: you know how an amazing pair of colored stilletos paired with the right jewelry makes your basis black dress turn anything BUT basic? Fabrics, when used appropriately, can make your house feel like a home! When I was asked what my favorite fabric lines were, I really had to stop and think because I love so many, but if I had to select a handful of my favorite “go to” lines, these would make the cut.


This beautiful textile line began in 2002 and is comprised of a wonderful assortment of colors and patterns offered on different colored linen grounds. The quality of this handcrafted textile line is absolutely exquisite. Any pattern can be custom colored as well, which I did here for this dining room.

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

On the outside backs of these antique French chairs, I used their Venice pattern on an ecru colored linen. I had the color customized in order to blend with the rest of the room, which turned out beautifully.


The large scaled Gramercy linen fabric in this master bedroom, featured in Elle Decor, is upholstered on the walls and is used as the dust skirt fabric. This is a wonderful example of how fabrics can really make an impact to a room! So chic!


Quadrille is my go-to textile line if I am wanting to incorporate a fresh and fun pattern for a design project. Known for their bright and vibrant patterned prints, I also love their neutral prints.

(via, House Beautiful Feb 2008)

This airy and whimsical dining room designed by Ashley Whittaker incorporates Quadrille’s Turquoise on Tinted linen, which are upholstered on the walls! Upholstering walls with fabric can really help to envelope, soften, and even provide a noise barrier for your space. If you use a patterned fabric, like Ashley does here, your fabric doubles as art!

(via Sevier & White Interiors)

Here is a chair upholstered in the “Pina” pattern that we designed while working at Sevier & White Interiors. Their neutral prints can provide visual interest without overpowering the space, as we did here in this soothing and comfortable family room.


Nomi fabrics offer luxurious hand blocked prints that are available on a variety of different fabric grounds, such as linens, silks, and velvets. I really admire their ability to include subtle metallic colors in their hand painted patterns in a sophisticated, elegant way. They are even more gorgeous in person and I love the fact that not only can they customize their colors but also their patterns!

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

I recently designed a sun room where I used Nomi’s Fortuna Fog fabric for the drapery panels as well as a cafe curtain. This linen fabric hangs so beautifully and I love the subtle metallic silver motif incorporated in the pale blue stripes.

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

Here is a close up of the fabric’s pattern in this cafe curtain, in the same sun room.

This line also offers an outdoor collection of solution dyed acrylic prints that are elegant enough for indoor use! Here is an image of one of my favorite patterns from this outdoor collection.



One of my all time favorite fabric lines is F. Schumacher because of their variety of linens, silks, prints, wovens, linen velvets…(I could keep going, but you get the picture!)

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

Here is an image of a family room where I used Schumacher’s Nakuru’s linen cut velvet for this custom ottoman. It’s a wonderful yet subtle animal print, and the fabric’s texture helps add pattern and dimension to this space.

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

Schumacher is famous for their KWID Imperial Trellis fabric and it happens to be one of my favorite fabrics. It comes in several different color ways, all of which have been featured all over the bloggisphere and in design magazines. I love how this design can give a room a completely different look depending on the color way you chose! It can be a soft graphic neutral, or it can bring a contemporary twist if you choose one of the stronger colorways. I recently re-upholstered a vintage French bench in the neutral color way, and instantly, this bench became so fresh and fabulous!

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

Here is an image of my office, with my favorite fabric to date: Schumacher’s Chenonceau!!! This fabric was “reproduced from an antique French printed textile, which was originally derived from a seventeenth-century Persian silk damask.”


You can see the pattern in better detail here…just gorgeous!


This textile line is not represented in Texas yet, but it does have representation in other parts of the US and abroad. All of her patterns are printed on linens and have a beautiful hand to them.

I recently ordered a fabric memo set for my fabric library and just love the line’s range of colors and patterns. Here are some examples of her fabrics. Can’t wait to use them on a future design project!





Chelsea Editions began creating their hand embroidered textiles in 1990. Their embroidery work is the best in the industry, in my opinion, because of their attention to detail. It’s just incredible! When I visit one of their showrooms, I find myself studying each of their embroidered patterns and appreciating all the hard work that went in to creating their designs. And I think their fabrics are perfect for bedding, draperies, pillows, and accents.

(via Brooke McGuyer Interiors)

I recently designed a guest bedroom using their Wisteria pattern on the euro pillows as well as the duvet. The embroidered fabric added the perfect amount of color, texture, and pattern to this soothing guest retreat.


I was excited to learn that they recently launched a new fabric collection, inspired by 18th century engravings. Here is a close up of one of their new designs, Fleurs des Champs. You can see here how detailed, delicate, and delightful their work is!

And “that’s a wrap” to my five favorite fabric lines! I enjoyed sharing them with you today! -Brooke.

Thanks Brooke! We love your selections and amazing examples of each. For more information about Brooke, see below!

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