Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill – Austin, TX

Feb 7 2014

by Samantha Torres

This place is seriously one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten at!

There is truly nothing I don’t like about it.

Let’s start with the food

My favorite item is the Jalapeno Hanger Steak. Its amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever had to cut off a chunk of fat or piece that wasn’t cooked right. It’s perfect every time. And the picture really is what it looks like. I mean this steak will change your life.

The vegetables are cooked just right (the carrots could have used a little more time on the stove but pish posh.) The jalapeño butter sauce is just right for the steak. I love a steak and marinade/sauce that doesn’t need any additions. I’m convinced this steak would still be awesome even with out the jalapeño sauce. I’ve also had the Pork Chops before and the Bourbon Apple topping is a revelation.

Their Rosemary Sweet Potatoes are also to die for. They come as a side and are not too sweet. They tie in just right with any entree and you don’t feel like you’re trying to eat dessert and dinner at the same time. The Green Chile Grits are all really fantastic and as a New Mexican I approve of their green chile.

I’m pretty sure all of their entrees and sides are amazing though. I’m steak girl so it’s really hard for me to ever order anything else. I could really eat their steak every single day….maybe I will.

On to the drinks

They have a very well put together list of whiskeys, bourbons, and scotchs. They do have a full bar with tequila, vodka, and gin as well…but its really the bourbon family you’ve gotta go for. This is not just your Jim and Jack…they have Basil Hayden (a personal favorite), Maker’s Mark, Ranger Creek…the list goes on. This is a special place my friends.

Oh and naturally they have MOONSHINE. They have a drink called White Lightning which a is an infused moonshine with a seasonal ingredient. How delightful.

They do a small selection of fun cocktails which are delicious, I recommend the Old Fashioned but a Mint Julep is just delightful as well. Go with your heart.

Their wine and beer lists are great too. Plenty of choices and true to their local roots.

Finally, the atmosphere

Moonshine is situated just right up the street from a fabulous street of bars known as Rainey Street.

It’s built in an old renovated house near downtown. Its very classy and true to the “moonshine” theme of a rustic country style atmosphere but also chic and fun. There is lots of outdoor seating which is great all year round. The patios have fireplaces and fire pits so theres lots of warmth.

I sat outside for like an hour waiting to be seated but they have three bars and tons of places to sit and relax. The time flew by. The bartenders are all super nice and the drinks are awesome.

The in-house seating is great as well. The inside is beautiful and the lighting is just right for the country feel. You wouldn’t even know you were in the middle of a hopping downtown scene. GO NOW.

If you’re visiting Austin or live here or whatever….go to Moonshine. You will fall in love. I promise.

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