Minimal efforts for greater gain

Jun 23 2014

by Angee Robertson

Recently my hubby and I made the decision to turn off our cable. We decided to opt for an HD antenna and subscribe to Netflix. We did this gosh I guess about 6 months ago and we haven’t looked back. We haven’t missed cable at all. We actually find that we watch less TV and I feel like I’m more intentional and productive. Plus, I don’t miss all those stinking reality shows especially the Kardasian one.

I was on my iPad the other night getting ready to watch a movie and on the new release section of the account was a promo for a move called “Tiny“. It intrigued me and I decided to watch it. My eyes were opened to a world of people building what they call “tiny homes,” which is anything under I believe 500 sq feet. The average tiny home is about 186 sq feet. Not only did the home intrigue me but it was more the reason why most of these people choose to build a tiny home and downsize. I could so identify with their reasoning. There is a great article here that explains a bit more and has a great infograph on the “tiny home” movement. I also created a Pinterest board with some great images of tiny homes.

Maybe its because I’m getting older (like Clooney says) or maybe it is a movement that is up and coming but I find that I’m tired of buying crap to fill up my home just because I have the space. I find that when I purchase things now, I want to fewer things but better quality. That is the idea behind one company called Cuyana. Their philosophy is simple: “We believe in both beauty and intentional buying. We love the joy of finding treasures and the pride of spending wisely. We know that with less we are more and that the essence of insight is simplicity.” I just love this brand and their site is amazing so be sure to check it out. They certainly are inspiring me to want to simplify and how I can apply this approach to my own business.

One of my favorite podcasts is The Lively Show with Jess Lively. I love listening the show while I’m taking my walks. She recently had Dana Shultz of Minimalist Baker on her show. Here are some notes about the show, “Dana is a talented food blogger who crafts gorgeous, easy to make recipes that often have a vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free slant. In the show, Dana explains what minimalism means and shares how she and her husband have implemented several big and small changes that have created more time, space, and freedom in their lives.” It is a really great show so be sure to check it out.

What about you? Does simplifying intrigue you like it does me? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please leave a comment below.


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2 responses on “Minimal efforts for greater gain

  1. Maria Norcia Santillanes

    I’ve been creating a minimal life for the last few years and I find it’s an ongoing process. I started by ridding my home of things that I hadn’t used for more than a year. It was a process for sure and I really gave each thing a mental score of how much I loved it, how much I needed it. Now I find I that I only buy things that I absolutely need and absolutely love. There is a particular tiny house by Tumbleweed Homes that calls to me. Maybe someday!

  2. Sara

    After our last child graduated from high school we decided to sell our home and downsize. Cutting our square footage in half, forced us to get rid of a lot. The objective here was to only keep what we loved and to avoid getting a storage unit. Well we did just that, and have yet to look back. It is a very liberating freedom to be rid of all the “extras” that merely filled a room…most which was never being used. Our friends were amazed when they came to our new home and saw that we really did get rid of just about everything Many are now are toying with the thought of “simplifying”. I say, do yourself a favor and take the leap into simplifying! I feel confident you will be happy you did.

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