Mighty Magnolias

Jun 24 2013

by Melissa Lee

magnolia bud

In late spring and early summer magnificent Magnolia trees begin to blossom on the island. Their gigantic, rich cream colored blossoms appear like oversized cups, drinking in the warmth of the sun. When I was growing up in Texas, my Mother would float Magnolia blossoms in a large crystal bowl, placing it in the middle of our dining room table. They always seemed so elegant in my eyes, filling the room with their heady fragrance.


But there is much more to the Magnolia than mere decoration.


This tree has been in existence, in some form other other since before the appearance of bees on the planet.


In ancient China, only the Emperor could have a Magnolia tree. To be given a root from the Emperor’s tree signified that the recipient was receiving royal favor.


The Magnolia has many medicinal qualities as well. Chinese medicine uses the bark to keep the life force flowing effectively as well as to help with digestive problems. The dental community has taken recent interest in the Magnolia since it appears to prevent the formation of bacterial plaque.

the squirrel nutwork magnolia

To dream of Magnolia’s symbolizes beauty, grace and elegance as well as protection.


Magnolias symbolize nobility and perservance. They have weathered ice ages, the creation of mountain ranges as well as Continental drift, still rising to stand regally over nature. The state tree of Mississippi, and a symbol of strength and endurance throughout the South….long may they reign!


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2 responses on “Mighty Magnolias

  1. amberwilson

    Love magnolias! I remember playing under the inviting boughs of these glorious trees. I even took wedding photos under one! Love them! Thanks you for sharing, Melissa!

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