Maximizing Social Media at the Southern C Summit

Apr 26 2015

by Mandy Edwards

Maximizing Social Media at the Southern C Summit

The week is here! This week is the Southern C Summit in Charleston. I, for one, am really excited. This will be by first Summit and being the social media pro I am, will take to the social sphere to share what is going on.

And you can too!

Social media interaction is becoming increasingly popular at conventions, meetings and summits across the globe. It’s a way of connecting the participants with the on-going activity while also increasing the reach of the event to those who are not there as well. Just look at any hashtag from popular events, i.e. #SXSW, and you can see how wildly popular it is.

What I love about using social media at events such as this is the fact I get to connect to so many new people. I love meeting the people I’ve come to know through Twitter or Instagram and meeting them in real life.

So what are some great ways to really maximize social media at this week’s Southern C Summit?

Connect with everyone!

This is part of why we are all attending, right? As you meet people and businesses, follow them on social media so you can carry on the conversation after the Summit is over.

Follow the #tscsummit hashtag.

Just about every event has a hashtag attached it it these days (even weddings!). This allows people to tag their posts to interact with those there and it also allows that person’s followers to follow along like they are there as well. Just search the hashtag in Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and follow along with what everyone is doing.

Create a Twitter list of those you meet.

Twitter lists are awesome. Create a Twitter list, for example call it “Southern C Summit 2015”, and as you meet people or businesses, add them to the list so you can keep up with them year-round. This way it doesn’t matter how many people you follow – 500 or 15,000 – you have a list you can reference and see only the tweets from those you met at the Summit.

Tag people in your posts.

Not only use the hashtag for Summit, if you are posting about something you’ve heard or seen there or are posting a picture, tag those with you (where applicable). It’s all part of networking, so increase your circle around you.


Of course, there are many more ways you can use social media during an event, but these 4 are just the starting point! Share with me ways you use social media during events below!


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