Life is a garden…DIG IT!

Apr 2 2014

by Justin Cave

Spring has sprung and it’s time to get your garden on! I’ve noticed that “unconventional” containers are becoming more popular. However, I wouldn’t call this a new “fad”, I can remember my Grandma having an old boot in her rock garden planted full of ‘sedums’. For under a $100 bucks, you can get some great plant material and a few containers. Don’t forget the dirt and make sure you use the right mix! New containers can be expensive, so don’t be afraid to get thrifty. An old wine box, bucket, or even an old tree trunk! Old pallets work well, but will require some elbow grease. If you save on your container you can spend more on plants.

A new trend that I am really digging right now is the use of succulents in vertical gardens! There are a ton of different soft and hardy succulents, sedums, and sempervivum (hens and chicks) out there. Take a look at my Pinterest page for some ideas on containers: Plant Life

One of the great things about succulents is that these plants have evolved in some of the toughest growing conditions on earth and can thrive in the hot sun. With well drained soil and a little care they can last for years. Some of my favorites include aloe, echeveria, kalanchoe and sempervivum.

Be creative and have fun. If you want to attempt your own vertical garden Home Depot carries a prefabricated kit minus the plant material! Be patient, because plant life is a labor of love.

I recently got to meet a horticulture artist at an Outdoor Living show and was really impressed with his work. Daniel Meunier says that “designing your box and making sure it has proper drainage” is the hardest part. Daniel adds that “getting creative with the different varieties is what sets his work apart”. Take a look at some of his work here: Laurel Leaf Collection

If the vertical garden sounds to involved or you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry there is a container project for you! Check out your local nursery and don’t be afraid to include vegetables, herbs, annuals, and perennials. Take into consideration the sun and shade requirements of each plant when you plant. Another common mistake is either over or under watering.

There is no doubt that this is living art!. Plant’s are alot like women, if they’re not happy they will let you know. All they need is a little TLC! You can quote me on that.


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2 responses on “Life is a garden…DIG IT!

  1. emilylabordehines

    Thanks for sharing this. Succulents are some of my favorites and I’ve been wanting to try a vertical garden!

  2. cherileavy

    AWESOME quote—-
    “Plants are alot like women, if they’re not happy they will let you know. All they need is a little TLC! You can quote me on that.” – Justin Cave

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