Lemon Decompression Cocktail

Jul 10 2013

by Marianne Brown

Southern Recipe Posted by Marianne Brown.

I was recently visiting a friend of mine in Winston Salem, NC. She is currently fulfilling her residency in general surgery. I am so proud of her for accomplishing such a HUGE life goal, but the work hours can be grueling. So while I was there, I thought, what can I do to ease the stress of a 14 hour work day? I’m no physician, but a good toddy always seems to do the trick for me. This is a new favorite late in the afternoon around my house, as well as for my beautiful friend!

Lemon Decompression​ Cocktail

Simply pour white wine and St. Germaine ​over ice. Any 3:1 ration tastes great! Slice lemon into rounds and squeeze into cocktail. Give it a simple stir, then sit back and relax.

Enjoy this southern recipe in this collection of our southern cuisine – let’s gather the best southern food ideas for The Southern Coterie cookbook.


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  1. whitneylong

    Jane and Stephanie – Both of your versions sounds equally yummy! Can’t wait to try them all!

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