Keeping it Real.. Our 5 Take Aways from the Southern C Summit

Being at the Southern C Summit  always gets our heads spinning with new ideas. It is a yearly conference attended by

•online influencers •social media junkies •creative entrepreneurs •seasoned business owners •new business owners •bloggers of many forms including food, family, fashion, lifestyle, designers, event photographers and artists.

Checking in with each other and regrouping is really important for us. Here are some take away ideas about staying authentic to your brand and essentially yourself…


1. From the onset of the idea of Embellish Interiors we have stated that we are

“Doing this until its not fun anymore.” 

We got this. It’s still a blast and no day is the same.

Our poor intern has no idea what to expect when she shows up and frankly neither do we!

authentic 2


2. We know who we are.

Our partnership works. Ask anyone who works with us- it just does. We never had a conversation about who would do what,

it just naturally evolved and now its apparent whose better at what tasks.

authentic 3

3.  We have fleeting moments

when we get carried away and think we should be collaborating, blogging 24-7, instagraming, face-booking , pinteresting,

coming up with a product, etc.  and then we relax and realize that’s not us. We are good at design and working with people

who need help making their spaces look better.  We are also, most importantly, mother’s and wives and friends and tennis

players (kinda) and we want to live a balanced life.



4. There’s no need to keep up with the Jones’.

  It’s so inspiring what all these people are doing and we watch in awe of the instagram feed of some of the people we follow.

  We’re cool.  We are the Embellish Girls and our goal is to provide great service and continue our good reputation.


5. It’s good to play.

Here we are at the Summit meeting new people and of course finding some cocktails! Afterall, we are lucky to have our own

business and make our schedules and we are always happier and more motivated after we have taken some time off.

n and t at the summit

Check out more photos by Nickie Cutrona

Stay real!

Nicki and Teresa xoxo


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