Jule Vera~ One Little String

Feb 8 2015

by Lydia Menzies

There is always something exciting about new music and watching someone’s dreams come true!  I would love to introduce you to a band from Auburn, Alabama called JULE VERA!  The lead singer is an 18-year-old-high-school-senior (and my niece!), and this is her dream.


Jule Vera just released their first single this week, and they were announced to play every day at Vans Warped Tour!  So exciting!  They have an awesome little lyric video that has over 12,000 views as of right now, and I am loving watching them enjoy the fun.  So, if you love music and love supporting new southern creators, be sure to check out this group of talented young singers.  We have them on repeat here at our house!!  Here is the link to their Lyric Video…



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