Invest in Tomorrow: Sleep Better Tonight

Feb 10 2017

by Carrie Peeples

The Southern Coterie blog: "Invest in Tomorrow: Sleep Better Tonight" by Carrie Peeples (photo: Kathryn McCrary for The Southern C and Waiting on Martha)
photo: Kathryn McCrary for The Southern C and Waiting on Martha of Sea Island Resort

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So, how do you sleep? Soundly or fitfully? Do you dread putting your head down on your pillow or do you relish the rest? Regardless, sleep is necessary to give your body and your mind time to process and recover from the events of the day. Higher sleep quality means for a better day no matter what obstacles you face and while you may feel ok for pushing through on less sleep than you need, it ultimately takes its toll on your health.

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So why is an organizer talking about sleep? Because you’d be surprised at the number of people I see who sabotage their sleep by having disorganized bedrooms. I can’t help if you’ve got newborns or teenagers keeping you up or if you’ve got sleep disorders but I can help you set the stage so you can get the best sleep on your own.

  1. Get rid of stuff that doesn’t belong in your bedroom. No work, toys, food, or other people’s possessions allowed. Think of the purpose of this space: rest, relaxation, and connection with your spouse. It’s not for filling out expense reports, working on taxes, snacking, or putting Legos together. If it’s a distraction to you, out it must go. I’m also referring to televisions and tablets, too. If they distract you and keep you awake they are defeating the purpose of the room.
  2. Clean off your beodside table. If this becomes a messy repository of stuff from #1 no wonder you’re distracted and can’t relax. A book, glasses, tissues, and maybe a glass of water are all you need. Maybe your cell phone if you use it as an alarm but it shouldn’t be within arm’s length. That way you have to get up out of bed to turn it off. Electronics should be minimized in the bedroom anyway. The more visual clutter you have in your bedroom the more stimulated your brain is and thus the harder to shut it off for sleep.
  3. Create a “wind down” routine to help turn off your brain and signal your body that rest is imminent. This routine can include things like brushing your teeth, washing your face, laying out clothes for the next day. Dimming the lights and turning off loud music helps, too. Some people like to use essential oils or even take a shower to relax. Not using screen devices during this time also gives your brain a time to shut down from the visual stimulation. Reading a book is another great way to relax your brain and help it switch from problem solving mode to rest mode.

Think of getting a good night’s sleep as a way of investing in your future self. You know you feel better in the morning and can get more accomplished if you do. Do what you can the night before to prepare for the next day to minimize early morning decision overload and not emulate Scarlett O’Hara who just said ,”I’ll think about that tomorrow.”

Happy organizing!


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