Outside of the Box: Tweaking the Traditional Instagram Takeover

May 7 2018

by Monica Lavin

The Southern Coterie blog: "Why (and How) You Should Pitch Adding Another Influencer or Business to an Instagram Takeover" by Monica Lavin (photo: Kelli Boyd Photography for JetBlue and Coastal Living)
Influencer Monica Lavin of Lavin Label increased the social media exposure for her client—in this case, JetBlue—as well as her own brand by adding a Coastal Living takeover to her partnership offering while traveling in Puerto Rico. (photo: Kelli Boyd Photography)

According to Fohr Card, I have reached a total of 25,867 social media followers. It has been exciting to watch Lavin Label grow over the past few years and I love engaging with y’all on the blog and through social media. Even though I’m proud of Lavin Label’s growth (and your awesome engagement), it can still be tough to lock in larger brand partnerships from time to time. It requires creative thinking. I figured that if I’m faced with this challenge, then my fellow entrepreneurs might be as well. So today, I’m sharing four tips to get your brand in front of a larger audience and even secure a partnership that might ordinarily be out of reach, if it was solely based upon your following. Always remember, there’s a lot more than just numbers that make up your brand’s identity. Sometimes we’re judged too heavily on numbers, but hopefully this post will allow you to identify ways to use numbers to your advantage, especially if you have a smaller following or are just starting out.

One of the best strategies I have found is to propose a strategic co-branded Instagram takeover. In case you’re not familiar with an Instagram Takeover, it’s when you post to another Instagram account for a limited amount of time, such as 24 or 48 hours. You post your images, captions and stories to their account. Not only is this a great way to interact with another brand, but it also allows you to reach an entirely new audience. But I think it can even be stronger when it is co-branded.

A co-branded Instagram takeover (I may have just made this term up) is when you and another influencer or business take over an Instagram account together. The benefits include:

Last year, I participated in a co-branded takeover with JetBlue on Coastal Living’s Instagram with the help of Kelli Boyd Photography. I’m breaking down the steps I followed for this specific partnership. Hopefully it inspires you to creatively think about how it translates into your world and also provides a framework to point you in the right direction (AKA save you time).


Take a look at your upcoming partnerships. Is there a client that you’d love to exceed their expectations in order to increase your chances of a future collaboration? Identify them on paper.

Example: For me it was JetBlue. I love working with them and it’s such an authentic fit because I fly JetBlue every chance that I can when traveling.


Plan out the purpose of your partnership. What is the scope of your collaboration? Is it a travel feature? Are you decorating a room? Maybe creating a recipe? Take time to grasp what the partnership entails on paper.

Example: I partnered with JetBlue to help promote their JetBlue Vacations. I invited Kelli Boyd, with Kelli Boyd Photography, to travel with me to Puerto Rico and help capture the fun. I booked dinners, sailing excursions, day-trips and pool time to give readers an insightful perspective of everything that the Island has to offer.


What other brands align with your client? Think about demographics, price points, aesthetic, etc.

Example: Coastal Living has a passion for life on the water. I believed our adventures in Puerto Rico would resonate well with their readers. Both Coastal Living and JetBlue inspire wanderlust, so I thought it would be a great fit for all parties involved. 


Make sure to run the idea by your client. Before you reach out to other people, make sure this is something that they’re interested in. Outline what they would like to see from the takeover. I would recommend including a hashtag or tagging them in the pictures. You certainly don’t want the content to come across as overly branded, so work on finding a good balance that satisfies everyone.

Often times I work directly with the Public Relations Firm and they do a wonderful job of suggesting brands that are a good fit for potential partnerships. They also have a ton of contacts, so the PR firm might even pitch the takeover on your behalf. Most brands are open to this opportunity because you’re going above and beyond the original agreement.

Example: JetBlue is always great to work and they loved the idea! They also didn’t want it to be too logo or brand heavy so I opted to share their hashtag #JetBlueVacations in a few of the captions or tag @JetBlue in the images.


Now you’re ready to make a pitch to the prospective brand. Do your best to pitch to the person that handles their social media. Be specific about what you have to offer and how it will benefit them. Since it is a co-branded takeover (which is a bit different than a regular takeover) be up front with your requirements. I always attach a formal one-page proposal to my email that outlines what the Instagram Takeover entails.


I hope this helps you creatively think about how to maximize your existing partnerships. Remember that an Instagram takeover involves a lot and requires a good amount of planning, but a well thought out takeover is definitely worth it! As a result of the takeover, Lavin Label alone gained more than 175 new followers! Below is a snapshot of the number of impressions (total from Coastal Living and Lavin Label) from the partnership:

Of course, I was thrilled to offer these numbers to JetBlue at the end of the partnership! Since I already shared my specific example from our JetBlue and Coastal Living partnership, I want to outline some other ideas for you to think about below:

I would love, love, love to know hear thoughts and questions below. I’m happy to answer them and steer you in the right direction! Also, if you’ve found this post helpful check out ‘Five Tips to Land a Dream Partnership‘.


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Blogger for all things home + travel. Consultant for all things social + entrepreneur.
Monica Lavin is an independent content creator, social consultant and founder of Lavin Label. Her work has been featured on Pottery Barn, Coastal Living, Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James, Wayfair, House Beautiful, Southern Living, Benjamin Moore, JetBlue, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pinterest, AdWeek and more.

Lavin Label offers home and travel inspiration through unique visual storytelling. Monica is well-versed in emerging technology and social influence through her work at NASA and her previous job as Communications Director for Information Technology at the College of Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. Monica’s knowledge of technology and her well curated taste in all things lifestyle lend themselves naturally to a fresh perspective on storytelling that captivates her followers and inspires them to become part of that story.

Monica balances her time between St. Simons Island and Savannah, Georgia with her husband, Casey, and their two English Springer Spaniel pups.

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