Instagram Stories: The New Frontier for Brand Marketing

Feb 11 2019

by Nancy McNulty

As Facebook engagement continues to plummet for business accounts, Instagram and its stories feature is the current social media queen. We asked three big influencers to share their top tips.

From 0 to 116 K in Less Than A Year – Meet Jett Set Farmhouse

My latest obsession is Noell Jett, Jett Set Farmhouse Instagram influencer and pioneer for creatives, based in St. Augustine, Florida. She recently shared a black farmhouse project created by one of my PR clients and it rocked our world being further being re-shared by rockstar interior designer Becki Owens (885 K followers).  It got on Becki’s radar when Noell tagged her on the Instagram post here!

Carbine & Associates black farmhouse, Jett Set Farmhouse Instagram Post
Posted on a Sunday by Jett Set Farmhouse, this post went viral for the Nashville area custom home project earning the Instagram influencer one of her top “likes” in recent days at 12, 837 to date.

We had to interact immediately with one another for follow up questions and she is smart, delightful and super kind which is at the heart of her incredible growth if you ask me. Check out her November blog How I Grew My Instagram to 100K Followers in Under 10 Months (While Building a House, Homeschooling Four Kids and Running a Business).The title says it all.

Noell Jett, Jett Set Farmhouse, Photo by Mathers Photography
(Noell Jett, Jett Set Farmhouse, Photo by Mathers Photography)

“I think Instagram stories are definitely part of my growth. It helps people connect to me and it is more intimate. I know the stats for stories and feedback is so much higher versus an Instagram post,”  Noell shared.

Skipping Facebook, she went straight to Instagram and Pinterest in her brand building. Here are some of her Instagram stories tips:

Originally posting twice a day, she now only posts once a day at either 9 a.m. Eastern or 9 p.m. Eastern. She finds a decrease in engagement 30 minutes past either.

Noell Jett and family, Jett Set Farmhouse, Photo by Mathers Photography
(Noell Jett and family, Jett Set Farmhouse, Photo by Mathers Photography)

“Stories are where I ask questions and when it is about my house, they go crazy. My most popular was just last week with a window issue. I gave a couple of options and got so much feedback,”  Noell said.

Huge Growth Year For HGTV Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn

Candid and enthusiastic in all things it seems from his Instagram stories, HGTV Interior Designer Brian Patrick Flynn said the feature is a great creative investment for his Instagram account. 

Brian Patrick Flynn, Instagram Stories on Tripod, Photo by Rustic White Photography
Using a tripod for stability in his Instagram stories, Brian Patrick Flynn has seen huge growth in his Instagram account since he began a consistent Instagram stories strategy. (Photo by Rustic White Photography)

“Instagram stories are 100% absolutely worth the time. I’ve found that people feel more of a connection to a person when they can see them in their element in an unfiltered manner. Nine times out of ten when I use my stories on one of my job sites, I’m dripping in sweat, covered in paint or drywall dust, have no product in my hair, and also dealing with some sort of decision or problem, and I think that really resonates with people,” he explains.

Brian Patrick Flynn, Posting All day, Photo by Rustic White Photography
Brian Patrick Flynn says Instagram stories has definitely helped grow his Instagram followers. (Photo by Rustic White Photography)

For context, Brian says before using Instagram stories 18 months ago, he had around 35 K followers. Today, he is at 110 K followers. “So, yeah, stories are worth the time!”

Consistency and Personality Key To Instagram Growth – Nashville Radio Producer

He’s a Nashville radio morning show favorite and today, 107.5 The River Woody & Jim Executive Producer Zac Woodward has grown his brand to include Instagram influencer he says due to consistency and showing off personality.

Zac Woodward, Instagram Influencer, Tobias Stahel Photographer
(Zac Woodward, Instagram Influencer, Tobias Stahel Photographer)

“I just hit 10,500 followers on Instagram and I definitely get more views on Instagram stories than my grid. I like using it for events and for advertisers. I feel like it gives me a more direct link to people and now I have the swipe feature so it can go straight to content,” says Zac.

Zac Woodward, Nashville, TN
Find Zac Woodward on Instagram @ZacWoodward

He does not do a lot of with Instagram live preferring the small snippets stories offers. Here are his top tips for Instagram growth.

What Are Your Go To Tips?

Have you used Instagram stories successfully?  We’d love to hear your go to tips and be sure and share your account!



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