Insta-resting: How to Keep your Instagram Feed Interesting

May 27 2015

by Lauren Hopkins

By now we all know Instagram is a great way to drive business, product or brand awareness while simultaneously building relationships with followers. The key to maintaining a great Instagram feed is striking a balance between cohesive content (from a relevance to look and feel) and interesting content (from a topic and value perspective). Below are a few things I try to intersperse into clients’ feeds along with examples of people doing it the right way. Use these tips to maintain an Insta-resting mix and keep people coming back for more.

  1. Share something of value: What do you know, or what can you offer, that others cannot? Do you have interesting lifestyle tips, unique fashion advice, or motivating lifestyle hints? Find something that you can give others that makes them appreciate following you.


  1. Instagram something pretty: There is enough sadness and frustration in this world. Sometimes it’s nice to share something pretty. Your followers will thank you.


  1. Spread brand news: Of course, utilize Instagram as a place to keep your followers updated and share brand news—new products, sale information, press mentions, images of your products, projects, photo shoots, etc.


  1. Give peeks into what you’re working on: Real-time looks into your life will let your followers feel a part of your day and as if they have a special “in” on your comings and goings. They’ll feel connected to you even if you aren’t sharing your personal life.


  1. Engage with your followers: Pose questions and encourage feedback to incite interactivity. This will help you grow followers—and loyal ones at that, which are the best kind!


  1. Give back—host a giveaway (or donate to one) as a way to give back and as a way to get additional eyes on your work. Giveaways, executed tastefully and properly, are an excellent way to build a good rapport on Instagram.


  1. Support others—Regram images or shout-out people you follow and respect, but do it in the right way. Make sure that their content and images align with your goals and, most importantly, remember to always credit appropriately. Shining a light on another’s work is a great way to give virtual high-fives to those you admire.


  1. Engage with people you follow— Having a great Instagram feed is much like having a great social life. Don’t expect to have engagement and comments on your feed if you don’t engage with others. Social media is a busy two-way street!


  1. Share something inspirational or witty—see a great quote on artwork or read a great phrase in a book? Share it with others. Chances are they’ll enjoy it as much as you did.



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Lauren was born into a strong entrepreneurial family and she always hoped to forge her own path. A graduate of Furman University, she honed her service and networking skills in luxury real estate marketing for the venerable Sea Island Resorts. Her communication skills, account management, and public relations savvy was further cemented during her time with Butin Integrated Communications, where she managed and maintained high-level accounts. After the birth of her first child, Lauren followed a zeal for the small business and launched LBH & Co. in 2013 to provide an intentional group of clients individualized attention and unmatched passion for their services and crafts.

She and her husband, Lee, are raising their daughter (Grace) and son (Ford) on St. Simons Island where she is active in their Church, her children’s schools, and several community organizations that remain close to her heart.

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