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Jan 20 2015

by Whitney Long

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? I know I sure do!  Give me nuggets of takeaway info and factoids paired with good visuals and I am hooked. I love how the format and illustrations can tell a story in a compelling and engaging, yet succinct, way.  They serve to simplify a complicated subject or turn an otherwise boring subject into a captivating experience.  Known around my house and work as the “researcher”, infographics suit my learning style and inquisitive nature to a “t”.

I subscribe to many sites and am constantly coming across interesting ones that have shown up either in my inbox or newsfeed.  Lifestyle and work-related infographics are my favorites and even topics that may otherwise be a dry, boring read become entertaining as an infograph.

Some ones that were of interest to me this week, and possibly you, too:

(to see these graphics individually and in the complete format , click the link beneath each image)



What Does Your Logo Say About Your Business


Modern Ways to Job Search


40 Logos With Hidden Messages


What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?


 The Perfect Designer Workspace


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Whitney Long is co-founder of The Southern C and The Southern C Summit. Mama x 4, wife x 1. Entrepreneur, thinker, doer, writer, researcher, believer. Enjoys working alongside creative entrepreneurs to build community while supporting established and upcoming brands. Hobbies include travel, reading, bike rides and clever craft cocktails.

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