How to Make a Rental Office Your Own

Apr 13 2016

by Erin Phillips

As a creative entrepreneur, you often find yourself inhabiting a space that may not be permanently your own. Whether it’s a creative co-op, or even your own home office in a rented apartment, it’s easy to add temporary updates to make a room your own and inspire your creativity for a thriving business.


Photo credit: Liz Fogarty

Change Your Lighting

It’s amazing how much a new ceiling or pendant light can change a room. They’re also relatively inexpensive and easy to install, which make them perfect for a rental. Just make sure to keep the old fixture or be okay with leaving the one you bought for the space. My favorite places to buy ceiling lights for a rental are Ikea and World Market.

If you’re not up for the challenge of a ceiling light, just go for a cute desk or floor lamp. I think Target is killing it right now with their lighting.

Add Texture

There’s something to be said about curtains, pillows, throw blankets and rugs that add texture to a room and also soak up excess sound. All these pieces can be easily removed or repurposed for a new space (or pulled from another room). Try a cowhide rug, you’ll be happy with that piece in almost any room. If you already have curtains and they’re just too long, buy some iron-on hem tape to make them shorter.



Photo credit: Liz Fogarty

Personalize Your Desk

Decorating the top of your desk is where you can get the most personal. Add your favorite coffee table or industry-related books, a frame with an inspirational quote (Etsy is the best resource for these!), colorful pens (I love the Le Pen brand) and a candle to make it functional and fun. My favorite year-round candle scent is Capri Blue from Anthropologie. I haven’t met a person yet that hasn’t enjoyed that smell.

Naturally Incorporate Your Tools for Success

You can’t have an office without a printer, Wi-Fi router, trashcan, storage and if you’re visual like me, you like a whiteboard too. I try to make these things part of the décor, like sitting my printer on top of a styled bookshelf and hanging my whiteboard like a piece of art (bonus if you get markers that match the colors of your pillows, curtains, etc.).


By incorporating these four tips into your temporary office, you’re bound to create a space that works for and inspires you. What are some of your tips for decorating a rental office space?

Happy decorating!
Erin, @erinnicolep
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