How to Know If You Should Outsource Your Marketing

Jun 10 2015

by Alesya Opelt


Today we’re only going to cover one common question, because it’s a biggie:

Q.  Should I get someone else to do my marketing?

A.  There’s an easy way to answer solve this problem with one simple question:  Are you the one making your product or providing your service?

If you are metal smithing your jewelry, designing your client’s home or cooking the meals served at your restaurant, YES you need to outsource your marketing.  I’d argue you need to outsource everything you can.  Why?  Because you need to spend your time doing one thing – the one magic thing bringing in revenue.

Think about it this way – would you want your doctor spending time on her marketing?  Or do you want her to spend time seeing patients and continuing her education?  The answer there is pretty darn clear.

Now if you are NOT the maker it’s time to think about doing the marketing yourself.  For instance, I don’t hand stitch Alesya Bags.  A factory that has been making leather goods for 40+ years does.  So it’s easier for me to focus on things like marketing, sales and PR.  If you’re in the same boat, keep the marketing efforts in house.
Do you handle your own marketing efforts?  Have an intern?  A firm?  Have you hired an in house superstar?  I’d love to know how you handle this problem.  Tweet to me @Alesya or drop me a line at alesya(at)


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