How to Be More YOU in Your Business

Dec 8 2014

by Mandy Edwards

How to Be More YOU in Your Business

When thinking about how to be more myself, I am reminded of a scene from my favorite Disney movie, Aladdin, where the Genie (voiced by the late Robin Williams) is giving Aladdin advice about Jasmine and morphs into a bumblebee and says, “just beeee yourself.”

Many times we can get caught up being someone we’re not to put on a certain facade for business-sake. We all want to appear to be that smart, innovative executive who can handle anything. It’s not about faking who you are, it’s more like being scared to be who you are.

Businesses are built on relationships and personal touches. With the evolution of digital and social media marketing, businesses are more vulnerable than ever. There’s an air of transparency that hasn’t been seen since the Middle Ages. Mark Schaefer recently put together a Slideshare that makes 5 points about that exact topic.

He points out that…

  1. Business was person to person.
  2. There was transparency.
  3. There was immediacy.
  4. Success depended on word of mouth.
  5. There was a primal need to connect.

Before the first radio advertisement aired in 1920, that is how business was done. There were no ads yelling at you on the side of a bus, during your favorite TV program or after your favorite song. I am seeing a trend that goes back to what Mark wrote about – being yourself in your business.

So why should you be yourself in your business?

The reasons aren’t that complicated. Being yourself in your business should be second nature. Depending on the industry you’re in, you may feel a little constrained in doing so but it’s still okay to be yourself.

So now, how??

You can be more of yourself in your business by –

how to be yourself in business
My daughters cooking with my 91 year old grandmother.
how to be yourself in business
Heading back home to Missouri for a week.
how to be yourself in business
My 3 favorite people 🙂











See? It’s not that hard to be yourself in your business.

What are some ways that you be yourself in your business? Share with me below!


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