How Politics Impacts Home Design

Nov 4 2016

by Nancy McNulty

Politics Impacts Home Design, Jerome Farris, interior designer, Nashville, Southern C


Politics Impacts Home Design, Designer Jerome Farris, Gallery Wall, Southern C.jpg

Politics Impacts Home Design, China Collection, Designer Jerome Farris, Southern C

Politics Impacts Home Design, Warm Spice Walls, Designer Jerome Farrris, Southern C.jpg

You’ve seen those social media posts “this isn’t about politics but….” Well, this is about politics but in the way it impacts home design, particularly in a presidential election year.

I recently discussed this with interior designer Jerome Farris, in-house designer for Peddler Interiors. Farris has observed presidential election years in his over two-decade career as a Nashville area interior designer and knows that stress and uncertainty drive people inward. We refer to this as the Nesting Trend.

“People want to stay in their homes longer and create for themselves or family an environment of peace and tranquility. This year with folks being bombarded by social media, we’ve responded by creating home interiors with warm colors I like to call the comfort palette. Taupes, soft golds, rich browns, happy corals or rust tones are some I have been using most often,” Farris said.

“The nesting period means people are more interested in taking what they have and making it special be it an apartment or house. I see the trend lasting at least two years when something fun and new will begin sweeping our country,” Farris said.

Creating vignettes based on collections or family treasures is another way Farris adds a design element to this nesting trend. One client created a collage of vintage ice cream spoons. Farris took treasured black and white etchings of Napoleon’s travels from French leather bound book to create his own gallery wall. He also suggests gathering those generations of eyeglasses and finding a special spot to display them or perhaps a special collection of boxes.

Farris also suggests curating collections and displaying family china.

“It is a great time to create a new vignette of old family photos or have a photo session for new ones. Simply put, we want to be surrounded by things which bring us comfort and first and foremost that seems to be family, “ Farris said.

Farris explains more inside the beautiful home he just completed. Do you find yourself nesting during this political season? How do you eject a feeling of comfort into your home?



Photos courtesy of Geinger Hill, Forest Home Media


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  1. whitney

    I love this! Would never have thought about the connection with interiors related to the political cycle – very interesting and totally makes sense.

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