House Beautiful Top 5 Design Posts!

Apr 16 2013

by Shani Gilchrist

Friday ​night I went out with the intention of cruising around the opening party for the Indie Grits film festival (more on the festival later!). The problem was, the pollen count has been astronomical lately, and is slated to get worse throughout this week. Once I parked my car, I realized that standing around on an outdoor street was going to have me looking like Quasimodo within minutes, so I texted a friend and met her at Hampton Street Vineyard for dinner and then headed on home (the allergy attack came anyway).

I breezed by my desk on my way to the medicine cabinet and noticed something unusual in the web traffic page that I had left up earlier in the day. When I checked it out, I discovered this:​

Yes! House Beautiful listed my blog post about styling my living room cocktail table as one of the top five of the week! I’m so honored that they took notice of Camille Maurice and the post. Thank you so much, Hearst and House Beautiful!

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