Harper’s Heart

Oct 24 2013

by Nancy Lynne

One month ago, I received a special new gift of a granddaughter, Harper. Last week, we received some very sad and unexpected news that Harper has a heart defect. Her mother has written a beautiful blog that covers the past two years of their experience as foster parents and now the story of Harper. I would like to share it with you.

I would like to ask all you Southerners to do what we do best. Rally around Harper and our family with your prayers and support.


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2 responses on “Harper’s Heart

  1. cherileavy

    Prayers for you and your family…I think that sharing the story as a blog is going to be a great outlet for your daughter. I know it will be a resource for other moms too.

  2. nancylynne Post author

    I agree, Cheri. The blog was how they broke the news to friends and family and it was so much easier than telling to story over and over. I think it got Jenna through the roughest days. Thank you for your prayers.

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