Happy Hour: The Sazerac

Nov 13 2015

by Arielle Goldman

sazerac 2

The Sazerac is one of those delightful old cocktails whose original recipe is fussy and its ingredients hard to come by. Think an old fashioned by way of New Orleans.However, we’re nothing if not adaptable, so I promise you won’t have to smuggle in any absinthe today. (But if you already have, call me.) It’s not cheating – rye replaced the traditional brandy base of the cocktail in the late nineteenth century after an especially cold-hearted aphid destroyed many of France’s vineyards. Pernod replaces absinthe because it’s, um, legal. Today I’m using bitters-infused sugar cubes. If you don’t have access to bitters cubes, plain old sugar and a few dashes of bitters will be just fine.

Flat lay


You’ll need two old-fashioned glasses to be authentically fussy for this one. In the first, muddle sugar with bitters, then add rye and stir. In the second glass, add a splash of Pernod, swirl, and pour out the excess. Add ice, and then pour the rye mixture from the first glass to the second. Garnish with lemon and laissez les bon temps rouler!


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