Guest Post – Must Make Basil Simple Syrup Lemonade

May 20 2014

by Erika Preval

See what fun my friend Kate and I had making basil simple syrup and get the yummy recipe to make at home. Here’s a recent post that Kate shared on her website about what’s cooking at Camp Rock Paper Scissors this summer!

What fun! I joined Manners Maven, Erika Preval, who has made a name in Atlanta teaching etiquette to kids, for a fun afternoon of making her Homemade Basil Lemonade – a refreshing and sophisticated summer bev for the little ones.

Now you may have had a restaurant cocktail or two with some delicious herbal simple syrups in it (I know I have!), but it is quite the Lovely Southern Hostess thing to have this on hand to dash here and there into drinks of all sorts, you feel like it.

In fact, Erika is doing this fun kitchen activity in her upcoming Camp Rock Paper Scissors, where kids will take the blend home to parents to sample. Camp occurs on June 19 + 20th at the Georgian Terrace and the Westside Provisions District. She has a spot or two, if you would like to be one of the last sign ups!

Want to know how to do this recipe at home?

Let’s get to it! All you need is basil, water, sugar and a whole lotta lemons.

First, make the simple syrup. All you need is equal parts water and sugar. If you want to be sassy, you can match your cup to your dress, as Erika has. Boil equal parts water and sugar, and then let it cool. It’s really pretty easy to do, and a lovely kitchen staple to have on hand. But, if you are worried about this bit, read a guide to simple syrup-making, like this one, on a post by Stir and Garnish. I may add, also, that with the leftover simple syrup, you can easily add sweetness to other bevs and … drumroll please, to morning iced coffees – which are a soon to be MUST in Hotlanta!

After you take the simple syrup off the heat, add a handful of basil. Remember, use fresh basil, and pinch off individual leaves, one at a time. Basil stems do not make for tasty syrup!

With kids, this is a fun time to talk about gardening and where our food comes from … even if it is the delicious and sweet kind!

Steep the basil for 3 minutes and then strain out the leaves.

Then, slice the lemons and make yourself a yummy lemonade while the simple syrup cools. Easy peasy. I recommend making homemade lemonade, using a recipe like this one.… which, as it turns out, also uses simple syrup! Did I say it would be awesome to have on hand, or what? (Or … cheat, and buy some at the store. Just make sure you buy a high quality, mostly juice recipe).

Add a dash of basil simple syrup to a glass of your lovely lemonade, garnish with more fresh basil, and serve with ice (mommas and daddies can also add a little sumpin’ sumpin’ to the mixture for an, ahem, Big Kid basil lemonade).

But wait, there’s more! Jar the basil simple syrup for up to 3 refrigerated weeks. AND, make a few extras as gifts for your friends. Or, party favors for kids at the next birthday party. Tie them up with a cute bow or a tag, distribute and you, my friend, will be the talk of all of Pinterestdom for the rest of the week. Or, at least the kids summer activities circle. Or, the cocktail club. Whichever. You decide. =)


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Through Charm, I’ve been able to partner with some talented entrepreneurs in Atlanta. A chance meeting via Junior League connected me to Kate Byars. We immediately saw the synergy between our companies, and became fast friends. Via Kate Byars, Kate Byars Photography


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Erika Preval is a Certified Etiquette Consultant in Atlanta, Georgia and contributing writer for The Southern Coterie and Southern Living. Through her company, Charm Etiquette, she conduct experiential events that ensure leadership and social skills in youth and young adults, as well as adult-only events known as Social Studies: Finishing School for Adults. With Charm, she's put a modern spin on manners that makes each event both fun and relevant for guests.

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2 responses on “Guest Post – Must Make Basil Simple Syrup Lemonade

  1. erikapreval Post author

    Thank you, Kimberly! Let me know what you add your simple syrup to. You can substitute rosemary and mint as herbs and add to rum, gin or vodka for an adult beverage or iced tea to keep you refreshed throughout the summer!

  2. tamaraeckles

    Nothing like a refreshing homemade lemonade! Love the recipe and love the photos Erika! You look stunning!

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