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Sep 8 2017

by Paige Minear

I have only know the darling Taylor Miller for a short time but I can tell you she has made a huge impact on my life.  This amazing girl starting designing jewelry at age 9 about the same time the rest of us were deciding which outfit Barbie needed to wear for her day out with Ken in the convertible.  I am amazed at her determination and drive to stay true to who she is as a woman and to something she loves so much. She started selling her jewelry at her brother’s little league games and at local stores in Mississippi and she shared with me that Hazen Jewelry just happened organically.  It was almost as if it was going to happen from the moment she made her first piece.  Flash forward fourteen years and she is still creating amazing pieces that are loved by all ages. From her darling fresh water pearl bracelets to her stunning necklaces every single piece she designs is truly gorgeous. Each piece is created with purpose and every single detail is considered. Owning a piece of Hazen Jewelry is truly an honor of mine.

Imagine my extreme excitement when Taylor shared with me she was taking her brand to the next level.  Drastically different from the way Hazen began, this decision was a very calculated one. Always knowing she wanted to expand past jewels alone, Taylor and her team have created a new website, launched new products and are venturing into a whole new world.  Her first additions to her jewels include hair accessories and items for the home.  She has a vision to add so many additional products and I can’t wait to see what she chooses. From a girl who covets every single piece of jewelry she creates, I am beyond excited to purchase all kinds of new products from the site.  Since the Hazen girl is truly something I identify with, I am drawn to the brand and all it represents. I have already made a list of pieces I can’t wait to wear and the new barrettes just complete the look for sure!

Let me introduce you to the darling Taylor Miller and her amazing lifestyle brand, Hazen Jewelry …

Who is Taylor Miller? Can you give us a little insight into yourself as a designer and a woman?

The fast facts: I’m 24 and was born and raised in Houston to the most supportive parents and younger brother. I started a company called Hazen Jewelry when I was 9 after restringing my grandmother’s costume jewelry into new designs, and there has not been a season in life that I have not worked on Hazen ever since. I was a marketing major at Southern Methodist University and have stayed in Dallas, Texas ever since. In 2016, we opened our first Hazen office in Dallas where I was given the title #BossLady by a fab team of Hazen girls who get the job done on a daily basis. They’re amazing. Truly. 

My design world and my everyday life are almost one in the same as they are largely influenced by one another. The things I enjoy and focus on in my “non-work world” are almost always design related and somehow loop back into the design process for Hazen. This is such a gift but also makes the balancing act of work and life quite the three ring circus. Good thing I’m up for a challenge! I’ve always heard that anything worth having is worth working for, and that keeps me going on the long, hard days. Well, that plus a strong cup of coffee and a whole lot of grace and Jesus.

Who is the Hazen Lifestyle girl?

The Hazen girl is constantly inspired and all about the little details in every aspect of life. She is a lover of friends, family, a good party, a fab dress and a curated collection of accessories that convey her unique style that is timelessly elegant and modernly sensible! Her day-to-day life fits seamlessly with the Hazen & Co. endeavor to cultivate inspired, joyful living!

Want to grab coffee with her and get to know her a bit better? This is what you’d find: she loves long walks, window shopping, setting the table, holding a pink drink, waking up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee, and coming home to fresh flowers; a few of her favorite things are ginger jars, a crisp white wall, a great candle, curling up by the fireplace in the Winter, a bubble bath, anything boxwood, a well-wrapped gift—all about that bow, a hand-written note, heirloom silver, rosé and most certainly a good latte (iced or hot!).

Tell me about the day you decided to branch out past your amazing jewels? What made you want to make Hazen Jewelry a lifestyle brand?

From very early in my entrepreneurial endeavors, the aspiration has always been to grow beyond the scope of jewelry. There are so many subject matters that I am passionate about and find great joy cultivating in addition to jewelry that it only made sense to incorporate them into the brand I love and have been building for 15 years now. 

What all will the lifestyle brand include?

As I have matured, I have begun to more clearly determine what draws at my heartstrings, if you will! I have identified the categories that I simply would be disappointed to not have the chance to “play” in all day at Hazen HQ. Jewelry is undoubtedly a heartstring category, but I would also say that unique women’s accessories, tabletop and anything in the world of entertaining fits rather seamlessly into that realm as well. There are so many amazing brands doing incredible things right now, and my goal is not to step on their toes or oversaturate the market but rather let them do what they do oh so well, and determine where we can accentuate their products with Hazen additions. 

For starters, the acquisition of Elizabeth Heard Barrettes into Hazen & Co. sets us up for product expansion beyond jewelry. We are thrilled to offer a selection of high-end hair accessories under the Hazen & Co. brand. We believe that a hair accessories line fits seamlessly into our focus on facilitating the Hazen girl’s ability to communicate her aesthetic and sense of style to the world through her accessories.

What fuels your jewelry designs?

Today’s designs are thoughtfully intended to stand out from others in that it they are luxuriously crafted of beautiful materials that result in on-trend designs that stand the test of time. They can be layered together to continuously create fresh looks, and they mix seamlessly with your earlier Hazen pieces, grandmother’s treasures as well as your own fine jewelry. Inspiration for designs is taken from every turn, be it interior design, nature, or fashion; however, at the end of the day, the stones’ cuts, colors, and textures oftentimes lend themselves to particular designs and styles. 

Do you have some favorite items in the newly-launched expansion of the brand?

We’re in love with our agate barrettes from our new hair accessories line. I find myself throwing one in on a daily basis to refine my messy bun or pull off a quick half-up look. With regards to jewelry, I think our Fall collection is truly beautiful. We introduced mixed metals such as hammered oxidized silver into the Fall line, and alongside our baroque pearls, I believe we have successfully pulled off integrating what is often an edgier metal material into timeless design styles. Last but not least—we’ll let you in on a little secret– we are dabbling in a touch of tabletop such as napkin rings simply because I love to set a unique tablescape and think we can add a little something different to the mix! Look for sneak peaks on our Instagram page!

Tell me about your new barrettes?

Oh they’re just too fun! I love that they are sophisticated enough for a mom to wear but still playful enough for her daughter to enjoy too! They are the true manifestation of focusing on “the little details.” Composed of unique components and natural materials, they complement our jewelry seamlessly. Stay tuned for new arrivals arriving to the collection soon!

What can we expect from Hazen for holidays?

Let’s just pause for a second and say that I truly feel as if I’m going to wake up tomorrow and it will already be Christmas! That being said, I’m perfectly okay with it because we’re going to have some fabulous pieces that will put the twinkle in your eye, if the holiday season doesn’t already do that for you! Look for layers of pearls, gold and neutral tones that will accent that amazing little red dress you’ve had tucked away for months and are ready to wear! As far as I can see, we’re going to make the classic Christmas modernly sensible this year!

Can you identify a few fall must haves?

Our You’re a Gem Barrette in Neutral is a go-to with any camels, blacks and/or burgundies you will regularly be wearing this Fall. Our Anne Lariat will be your new favorite necklace and simply the easiest to wear while managing to add a fresh look that can be dressed up or down. And if you don’t already have one, hop onboard the Margaret Bracelet train! This gold bracelet is a must -add piece for your every growing arm party– I truly never leave the house without at least one on as it immediately refines any look!

Don’t you just love every single thing about this brand?  What I love most about them is that it isn’t just another brand, it is a full lifestyle they are selling.  They have defined their customer well and are catering to their lifestyle.  I love how well they know their target audience and if you follow along on social media you will get a snapshot of her life.  I love to see Hazen Jewelry expand in this way and I know it will be a huge success.  With the launch of their new website Hazen is off and running and ready for their new journey!

I can not tell you how proud I am of you, Taylor, in this new venture … as with everything you will be incredible.  Thank you for letting me share your amazing news with the world!

To shop Hazen’s products visit their brand new website … oh, and follow along with the Hazen lifestyle on their Instagram!


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Paige Minear is the author and preppy creator behind the lifestyle blog The Pink Clutch. Paige is known for her home full of color and pattern, Palm Beach style, and antique treasures. Blogging since 2007, she uses her love for all things design related and her fashion background to channel her love for styling into daily posts. She strives to bring her readers colorful posts and daily inspiration. She is a lover of a strong latte, a great bourbon, a stack of magazines, crisp button downs, popped collars, a sweet treat and a house full of fresh flowers and monogrammed linens.

Paige lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband and their three kids and two darling pups.

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