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Feb 16 2016

by Paige Minear

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If you have spent five minutes on Instagram you know the name Evelyn Henson.  Her art is recognizable from the first glance.  Her use of bright colors and everyday objects sets her apart and makes her pieces so desirable by both the young and old.  She is in a few words; fresh, happy and energetic.  Her work exudes all of this and way more.  I found Evelyn on Instagram about a year ago when I spotted one of her florals.  I fell in love with her work immediately knowing nothing of the artist behind the piece.

A design blogger myself I know how important inspiration and a creative area is to me.  I love chatting with others about what inspires them and the space they use to create.  I recently sat down to chat with the darling Evelyn about her art, her business and the artist behind her amazing creations.  A recent graduate from college she has burst onto the art and business scene with a pop of champagne.  You will quickly fall in love with her and her art.

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First of all, tell me about Evelyn Henson.  How did your business start and how has it grown?

I started selling art on Etsy a week after I graduated from college and moved back home with my parents in May 2013.  It was really a hobby at first and also something to put on my resume.  I had been painting obsessively over the last year, so I just thought, “why not?”.  Thanks to the support of friends and family who were quick to spread the word, my little Etsy shop slowly became more successful than my job hunt.  I never thought I’d be so grateful that I couldn’t find a job!  I lived at my parents house in Georgia for the first year, where I eventually created my own website and expanded from just prints to a variety of different products.  

Would you do anything differently?

Not really.  Maybe a few little things.  I would register for an LLC sooner, using rag paper for art prints from the get go (such good quality!), setting up QuickBooks immediately (just did this recently) and printing printing labels from home instead of wasting time at the post office.

Share two people who have influenced your career and why?

Oh gosh, I can’t pick just two!  My family’s been so amazing – my Dad has helped me with every legal and financial question I’ve ever had, my mom used to make post office trips for me, and one of my aunts gave me my first art easel in addition to tons of leftover art supplies she had.  I’m also so grateful for every teacher I ever had that encouraged me and took an interest in my work.  I wasn’t a big art student, but I was lucky to have a few English/Communications teachers who gave me creative confidence with writing.  And my friends were the ones who encouraged me to see on Etsy.  I guess if I had to pick just two I’d say my friends Korrie and Caitlyn who gave me a huge box of craft acrylic paints they didn’t want when they were moving out of their apartment.  I painted my first floral bouquet a few days later, seen here, and haven’t been able to put down the paint brush since!

What inspires you to create?

This is probably cliche, but I get so much inspiration from everyday life!  I love changing the way I typically see things with my paintbrush.  I paint so frequently that my eyes are always looking for something new to paint, so I often find inspiration in very ordinary places.  It’s like Picasso said ~ “inspiration exists but it has to find you working”.

Favorite item on your desk?

My coffee cup!

What is your favorite way to unwind?

Anything that gets me to step away from technology.  I love going to Barre or pilates classes, spending time with friends or reading a book.

Five must haves.

Rag paper, soft body acrylics, a round 6 acrylic paintbrush, coffee and my little Yorkie Rocky. 

I love how young and smart sweet Evelyn is, diving head first into a career which clearly she was meant to have.  Keep creating girl, you are ah-mazing!  You can follow along with Evelyn on her Instagram, her shop and her blog “A Brightly Decorated Life”.  You will adore her as much as I do.

Stay tuned for more “From The Desk Of …”  providing you a sneak peek into the desk and creative areas of designers, creatives and business owners.


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Paige lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband and their three kids and two darling pups.

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