Fortune and Fun is in the Fanciful Follow Up: 20 Suggestions

May 3 2016

by Laura Mixon Camacho

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The people who are supposed to know these things say that one big reason women make less money than men is that women are not networking as frequently (like who has the time!) or networking as strategically (like who wants to be Machiavelli?) as men do.

The author of this post knows that if all network events were more like our Southern C Summit, this would most definitely not be true.

So, no one made a yummilicious signature cocktail for you today? #thestruggleisreal #firstworldproblems

Welcome to life post-Summit.

The good news is, you can take the fun and inspiration from the Charleston experience and leverage it in your follow-up to continue that wonderful TCS vibe.

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. Certainly your follow-up builds up your brand, or not. And the secret sauce is in the details. Anyone can go to a “meh” chamber happy hour….and of course there is nothing wrong with that.

But that’s not how we like to roll.

The ball is now in your court and it’s a fabulous time to play. Here are some bodacious ways of following up with the people you met and greeted last week, after you pick the low-hanging fruit of connecting with everyone on social media channels.

20 Suggestions for Fanciful Follow-up!

  1. Send a hand-written note. Remind them of where you met.
  2. Send personalized emails. Remind them of where you met.
  3. Send them goodies: TreeHouse Macaroons, Cheese Merry Crisps, Grey Ghost Bakery cookies, King Bean Roaster coffee, are just a few of the samples from last week’s event.
  4. Comment on their blogs, Instagram, everything. Be the Fun Stalker!
  5. Look for fanciful ways to collaborate. Have a tasting in a candle shop. A trunk show in a bakery. A talk in dress shop.
  6. Write reviews of their books or other products on Amazon.
  7. Find out who attended the Summit from your neck of the woods and invite them over for tea. (I would love to come, thank you!)
  8. Buy their stuff. Especially if your Business Crush has written a book, buy a case and give them as gifts.
  9. Send samples of your own products, if you have them.
  10. Be generous and make introductions: your new Summit buddies to your own coterie of besties.
  11. Be different and send a voice mail message.
  12. Make plans to go with someone to the February Southern C retreat at Sea Island.
  13. Invite a business crush to speak at one of your groups.
  14. Gather a few fan girls for pedicures.
  15. Invite some lovelies to make candles or take a cooking class.
  16. Prepare signature cocktails for your next meeting. Do you recall “Cathead Vodka for the Southern Soul”?
  17. Host a Mad Hatter tea party.
  18. Make up and give out awards for “Best accessorized” “Most Fun to Work With.”
  19. Jazz up and beautify your invoices and receipts. (Treat your suppliers and customers with some Southern C TLC!)
  20. Pitch. Pitch. Pitch. Thoughtfully and wonderfully.

So once you get over the sad fact that in normal networking events no one prepares signature cocktails or pecan pie macaroons, you can bring the spirit and delight, or even essence of the Summit to your own follow-up. It’s that mash-up of Southern creativity, fabulous taste and warm hospitality with a generous dollop of gratitude, that this world needs more of.

So what are you doing for fanciful follow-up?

Laura Camacho is obsessed with interpersonal communication as a tool for building bridges and careers. She believes all conversations should be carried out with style, creativity & enthusiasm. And a presentation is just a special conversation. Read her bi-weekly posts at She’s up for hire for quirky communication workshops and private coaching.


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Laura Mixon Camacho, PhD, is obsessed with communication as a tool for building bridges and careers. She believes all conversations should be carried out with style and imagination. And public speaking is just a special sort of conversation. Laura creates quirky communication workshops and she does private one-to-one coaching. She is the go-to coach if you want to improve your communication skills to move your business or career forward with more confidence, more impact and less stress. Read more at

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2 responses on “Fortune and Fun is in the Fanciful Follow Up: 20 Suggestions

  1. Stacy

    I love these suggestions Laura! One of the things I consistently hear from women about networking is the lack of follow up. These are great ways to make that happen. Thank you!

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