For Hire? Why {and When} To Hire a Social Media Consultant

Jan 28 2015

by Lauren Hopkins

I vividly remember the first business Facebook page I ever launched on behalf of a client. It took months of creative brainstorming, dozens of approvals, multiple creative agencies, and countless “how to” and “don’t you dare!” documents. You know, in case someone posted the dreaded negative comment or not-so-shiny review.

Nearly a decade later, business owners and creatives are no longer afraid of social media. And they shouldn’t be. People are more transparent and eager to join the social media party. It’s fairly simple to set-up social media platforms and then fill them with interesting, curated content.

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If it’s that simple, why do businesses hire people to launch, manage and grow their social media presence when it’s something most people can do on their own? It’s all about priorities, skills, and one of the most coveted assets of all—time. Below are ten things that might encourage you to hire a social manager or consultant, even if it’s just until you find your voice and start enjoying the party yourself.

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  1. Dare I state the obvious? Hire someone to help you when you don’t have any personal social media profiles. Odds are you know less about social media than your five-year-old niece.
  2. When you first launch a business, get the skinny on social from someone familiar with the industry. They’ll walk you through significant steps that will make your presence professional and impactful.
  3. If you feel like a social media wallflower, find someone who can guide you through the virtual party. They can help arrange appropriate cross-promotions, endorsements and shout-outs to help shine the light on your business.
  4. Following key influencers and editors is key–as is interacting with them. If you don’t know who to follow or how to find them—hire someone who does.
  5. Should you have a business or a product that has the potential for controversy, it is critical to hire someone who can skillfully and tactfully respond to inquiries and questions without fanning flames.
  6. If you have ever said the word “twittering” or don’t understand the meaning of hashtags.
  7. Advertising campaigns are a great way to grow your following, but can be tricky to navigate effectively. Identify someone with experience in this arena so that your investment is well managed.
  8. If you can’t recall the last time you posted or what it was, you don’t have time to execute social media on your own.
  9. You also don’t have time to manage your social media platforms if you have comments that go un-answered. Someone should be paying attention and politely responding to relevant inquiries. Conversations are key to growing loyal followers in an organic way.
  10. Everyone knows ‘that girl’ who is only capable of talking about oneself and it’s utterly unattractive. It is necessary to incorporate content that is about more than you or your business. Not sure how? There is someone out there who can help you learn the art of sharing things your followers will find inspiring, helpful, or just plain pretty.

In my opinion, here are a few people who are fab virtual social butterflies. These party people post entertaining and interesting content, reply to comments, share useful information, and are just plain FUN to hang out with in the social space. Follow them for inspiration:

// images via jade and matthew take pictures from Libbie Summers’ Sweet & Vicious book launch party executed by Rethink Design Studio //




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Lauren was born into a strong entrepreneurial family and she always hoped to forge her own path. A graduate of Furman University, she honed her service and networking skills in luxury real estate marketing for the venerable Sea Island Resorts. Her communication skills, account management, and public relations savvy was further cemented during her time with Butin Integrated Communications, where she managed and maintained high-level accounts. After the birth of her first child, Lauren followed a zeal for the small business and launched LBH & Co. in 2013 to provide an intentional group of clients individualized attention and unmatched passion for their services and crafts.

She and her husband, Lee, are raising their daughter (Grace) and son (Ford) on St. Simons Island where she is active in their Church, her children’s schools, and several community organizations that remain close to her heart.

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