Food Blog South 2014 Recap

Jan 29 2014

by Emily Laborde Hines

Food Blog South is a wrap and I’m full. I’m full of new ideas, have a wallet full of blogger business cards, a full reading list, and a full belly. Here are a few of my favorite takeaways from the weekend.

“The difference between someone who is a writer and someone who isn’t, is writing. Write everyday.” – Verna Gates

“Try handwriting posts first…there is a magic that happens with the written word.” –Verna Gates

“Give me some testicles or an eyeball… I’ll try anything.” Be adventurous!- Jennifer Cole of Southern Living

“A single pork chop in a hot pan cooking high heat will burn. But if there are two pork chops in the pan, they will feed off the fat of each other while turning golden brown.” Virginia Willis by way of Natalie Dupree on supporting your peers.

“Do Your Homework. Pick a favorite blogger or writer and study them. Study not Steal. –Javacia Bowser on Blogging Head to Toe a la Tyra Banks

“Don’t confuse productivity and creativity.” –Susannah Felts on Cultivating Creativity

“Parameters and restrictions are best for creativity.” –Joe York of Southern Foodways Alliance

“Let your work speak for itself.” -Molly Wizenburg ofOrangette

Bottom line: be adventurous, supportive, tenacious, and true to yourself.

Emily Laborde is a freelance writer and social media manager hooked on cruising backroads, photographing old houses, and loving all things local. For more check out her blog Em’s on the Road. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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Emily Hines is a Georgia girl now living in Bloomington, Indiana with her husband and two black labs. She is a freelance writer and digital media manager hooked on cruising back roads, craft beer, and snapping photos of old buidings. Follow along with my United States travels at Em's on the Road.

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