Flower Power

Feb 18 2014

by Catherine Fain

Floral Dress: Jill Stuart | Cosmetics Case: Hudson + Bleecker | Floral Print Umbrella: Kate Spade NY | Hello Blossom Samsung Case: Kate Spade NY
I don’t know about y’all but I’m ready for Spring, and I can’t think of much that is more representative of the season than a sweet floral print. Florals are EVERYWHERE for Spring-on your bag, on your umbrella, on your PJs. I personally love a really dainty, sweet floral a la Shabby Chic, but there are some gorgeous abstract and large scale options happening too. If a full-on floral ensemble is too much for you, consider adding some floral accessories for a cheerful pop of color. I particularly love Kate Spade’s smart phone covers, check out the Monet-inspired Giverny case if Hello Blossom isn’t doing it for you-they’re an affordable way to rock the trend. Be sure to click over to Southern Arrondissement for more florals and hop over to our Facebook too!


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