Flower Power Salad

Jun 12 2013

by Marianne Brown

Southern Recipe Posted by Marianne Brown.

We grew up in a family of women slightly obsessed with ‘the yard.’ Flowers, boxwood, azaleas, camellias, border grass, magnolias, hydrangeas, ivy, iris, dogwood, pansies, etc., etc. I remember making special trips to various flower nurseries as a child, riding in whatever wagon or cart was available, shoved in with the flowers. Always getting to choose my own personal favorite before heading back home.

Flowers were and are a necessity in the yard for our Grandmother, Mama, and Mary (our Aunt). When spring rolls around- Better Homes and Garden, watch out! It is funny to me that with so much focus on the yard and food in our family, we never ate flowers. Flowers were used for decorating the table, but never the plate. Of coarse, all flowers are not edible, and many of them are even poisonous, but there are many varieties that may be enjoyed.

We have wanted to share some sort of floral dish for quite a while. These sweet little violas have a mild flavor making them the perfect garnish for any salad, dessert, or cocktail. ‘Tis the season to enjoy these edible gifts from the yard!

Flower Power Salad

Preptime:10min/ Serves:2-3

​Wash and dry all lettuce and greens. Feel free to add more of your favorite salad greens to the mix. Pick your violas just before you get ready to use them. If you must pre-pick, store them on a damp paper towel in a air tight container in the refrigerator. Remove all stems and greenery from base of flowers before eating.* Next, make thin slices of your apple, apricots, and cheese. You may mix and sort all of your ingredients however you like. Your plate will be beautiful no matter what your arrangement may be!

​For the dressing, we simply drizzled olive oil, then added sea salt and pepper to taste. I later tried this recipe with 1/2 of and orange squeezed over the salad, and 1 tablespoon of orange zest- a delicious addition!! Enjoy!

*Many flower varieties are poisonous. Please educate yourself on edible varieties. Also, as with trying any new food, do not eat five pounds of any edible flower in your first sitting. Using them as a garnish will likely have a mild effect should any allergies exist. Overall, flowers are wonderful for you!

For more, please visit – 42 Flowers You Can Eat​

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