Fastest closet makeover

Feb 23 2016

by Carrie Peeples

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Continuing on my constant theme of small things make a big difference, let’s talk about how you can instantly make your closet look like a chic, expensive boutique, take better care of your clothes, and have them in top condition when you’re ready to wear them. Aesthetically pleasing and practical? That’s music to my ears!

It’s hangers. Seriously, it’s time to invest in hangers for your closet and let me tell you why this is the best way to invest in YOURSELF today.

(Did you know that Thomas Jefferson designed the first prototype of a hanger and that they weren’t used in retail stores until 1903? Fun facts indeed 🙂 )

First, your closet will just look better, more organized, and less cluttered when you invest in the right hangers for you clothes. Just seeing a consistent pattern and color will be visually calming.  You can even choose your favorite colors! You’ll have more space by finally eliminating any empty or broken hangers.

Also, get rid of the plastic dry cleaner’s bags while you’re switching hangers. They are unsightly and serve no purpose other than protecting your newly cleaned clothes in transport home. They are actually suffocating your beautiful garments!

Second, your clothes will be in better condition and ready to wear. It’s impossible to see everything you have when multiple items share the same hanger. The hangers bend and sag because of the extra weight and do nothing to support your clothes.  I see a lot of people hang tanks and camisoles by putting the straps over the hook of the hanger which adds wrinkles and hides them. When you stop folding your skirts over a hanger and use a proper one with hooks, you eliminate creases and wrinkles.  Trousers and pants will have that nice crease down the center when they are hung up instead of being tossed around haphazardly.

Third, you are more aware and mindful of your wardrobe when you take the time to hang everything properly on beautiful hangers. You take pride in something that is really just for you, unless you share your closet on social media ;-). When you have to invest in the hangers you instantly become more mindful of what’s going on those hangers.

“Do I already have 5 pairs of black pants and do I wear all of them?”

“Am I really about to hang something up that has a stain or needs to be repaired?”

“When is the last time I wore this? Do I love it?”

“Is this hanger-worthy?”

By taking care of yourself you’re better equipped to take care of others. You’re putting effort into getting yourself ready to face each day. You’re adding time to your mornings by being able to see exactly what you have available, knowing that it’s all clean, and that it’s ready to wear! You’ve elevated a relatively mundane task (care and preservation of your clothes) to something that’s beautiful and purposeful.


So what are the right hangers? I’ve prepared a cheat sheet for clients but I’ll share with you a condensed version here. You can email me at if  you REALLY want to get the juicy details ;-).

Item Type
Shirts/ blouses Velvet, wood
Pants Velvet, wood, metal trouser hangers
Skirts Hangers with clips (cascading a plus)
Belts Hanger with hooks
Suits Wooden suit hangers
Blazers Wooden
Ties & Scarves Velvet hangers with loops or additional arms specifically designed for ties & scarves


Small changes are the beginning of big changes. For less than $100 you can dramatically transform not only your closet but your outlook on yourself, your day, and those with whom you interact. Updating your hangers is an inexpensive way of investing in yourself that has priceless returns: more time, less stress, more peace, and a happier you. I challenge you to make over your closet’s hangers and tell me if it doesn’t improve your day. 🙂

Happy organizing!



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