Fall and BBQ in the Saint Simons Island Air ~ and Pickles

Aug 19 2014

by angie tillman

Just got back from my second trip to Saint Simons Island in the last four weeks …and I can hardly wait to head back! In the first few years of my pickle company, I concentrated on sales close to home and then the Florida panhandle because that’s where we have loved to vacation every spring break and summer since our oldest child was a year old. She’s now sixteen. Sure, we’d visited Saint Simons from time to time but always joked about how St. Simons was just Athens at the beach. For us, St. Simons wasn’t a place we could get away from the stresses of our day-to-day life …since we always run into schools of people we know from home there….and the conversation always seemed to turn into real estate and other money stuff. UNTIL NOW! Like I’ve heard ….since I was little: the grass is greenest where you water it. And I know that is the truth. My pickle sales have been growing in the low country and well…that means …I’m now delivering to St. Simons {in the low country} quite frequently. With every visit, my love for the island is growing …especially for its people.

Folks just don’t get any more southern and hospitable than Griffin Bufkin of Southern Soul BBQ! We met (sorta) on twitter and then in real life while my husband and I were in Saint Simons delivering pickles to Viola’s Market in Redfern Village. I had tweeted to Southern Soul BBQ that we were in town …and we’d try to stop by. I really had no plans of selling pickles to Southern Soul BBQ …but to my surprise, Griffin asked if we had any extra product with us and he ended up buying all we had left in our van! I was star struck: 1) because of his charisma, 2) because of his humble nature, and 3) because …well, heck! There’s a plethora of photos decorating the walls of Southern Soul BBQ showcasing their popularity and fame. And now…my pickles are IN there! To some people I probably sound silly…but I’m always amazed at the kindness people show …especially people who are much higher on the foodie totem pole than me. Griffin is good, southern people …and he’s a native of St. Simons. And now….he’s a friend. He sent us off with a couple bottles of his BBQ sauce and a tin of his rub. I’ve had the best time playing with them in the kitchen!

We just went back down after that initial sale and restocked Southern Soul BBQ and our newest account in the area at the Market at Sea Island Resort. I’m so glad the pickles are taking me to this sweet spot in my home state of Georgia …and I’m thankful for the opportunity to get to know the faces that make Saint Simons the special place it is.

There are a couple of notable events going on this fall in Saint Simons ….and I hope to see y’all there!

First up: The Market at Sea Island Resort is hosting their second Farmers Market at The Market Saturday, September 13th from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm. I’m planning on being there with my pickles!

Second: Don’t miss the St. Simons Food & Spirits Festival benefiting Hospice of the Golden Isles. There are lots of fun and tasty events surrounding this event taking place October 1st – 5th! Find out more info at: www.saintsimonsfoodandspirits.com …and yes, I’ll be there!

Well….the kiddies are piling into the kitchen for a pizza supper ….or else I’d share some of our on-the-way-back-to-Athens-shenanigans we happened to fall into last week after leaving Saint Simons. For now I’ll just say…. there are treasures everywhere if we just open our eyes to see them.

Til next time… may your eyes be wide open to all the treasures our precious south land has to offer. And…if you see a house in Athens, GA with Spanish moss hanging in the trees…then you know where I hang out! 😉




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2 responses on “Fall and BBQ in the Saint Simons Island Air ~ and Pickles

  1. emilylabordehines

    Griffin is awesome – glad y’all met in real life 🙂 Next time in SSI you gotta check out my family’s restaurant Bubba Garcias in Redfern Village!

  2. cherileavy

    It’s an enchanting isle! And Griffin and Southern Soul have turned out to be the best Visitor’s Bureau for the area. Check in with me if you ever need a delivery…I would love to be tipped in Okies! XO

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