Facebook Marketing 101: Where Do You Begin?

Nov 17 2017

by Mandy Edwards

The Southern Coterie blog: "Facebook 101: Where Do You Begin?" by Mandy Edwards (photo: Chanterelle Photography for The Southern C Summit)
photo: Chanterelle Photography for The Southern C Summit

For all the bad press Facebook has gotten recently in regards to fake news, Russia, and the removal of advertising options, Facebook marketing is still one of the first things you need to consider when starting your social media strategy. Why?

Of course, you do not need statistics to tell you why Facebook marketing is important for your business. Simply ask people how they stay in touch with people and how they find out what’s going on. I guarantee that more than half of your answers will be ‘Facebook’.

That being said, I’ve put together two short primers on Facebook Marketing 101, which originated from a Facebook Marketing class I taught at and for my local Chamber of Commerce. I’ll be sharing these two posts over the next several weeks here on the Southern C blog. First, let’s start with the why, who, what, how and when.

If you are going to use Facebook (and you should), start with your ‘why’.

Ask yourself – why are you using Facebook in the first place? Like anything you do on social media, everything you do on Facebook should come from your “why” and every goal you set should help you achieve it. So if your actions to not attribute back to your “why”, start over.

If you are using Facebook, who are you going to target?

When thinking about who you are targeting, think about your “why” from above and then ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Why are you targeting them?
  2. Will targeting this group help you reach your goal in using Facebook?
  3. Is this group someone you want to actually spend money with you? (Remember, not everyone is your client/customer.)

Like I mentioned above, if these groups do not help you achieve the goal of your ‘why’ statement, start your targeting over.

Now that you’re ready to tackle Facebook marketing, what do you post?

Facebook did some research this year into what people are looking for in their Facebook content.

First, they found that people on Facebook want and value meaningful, informative stories.

Second, Facebook found that people on Facebook value accurate, authentic content. Facebook users have told Facebook that authentic stories are the ones that resonate with them the most, so Facebook ranks those types of posts higher in the News Feed. Some tips from Facebook include:

How should you post?

Options for posting–the six main post types on Facebook.

Audience Interactions: It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.

Your Facebook presence is the digital extension of your brand. What is your online voice? When establishing your voice – are you fun or serious? Sarcastic or punny? Are there common phrases your business uses? Take all of this into consideration.

The Southern Coterie blog: "Facebook Marketing 101" by Mandy Edwards


When should you post?

Your post frequency depends on your business – it’s not a one size fits all, so be weary of every “Best Time to Post” article you read online. My recommendation is to post a minimum 3-5 times per week and no more than twice per day, unless you’re at an event. To find out the best times for your business, look at your Facebook Insights to see when your fans are online and schedule/post around those peak times. (see example below).

Now that we’ve covered your targeting and what to post, you’re on your way to getting your Facebook Marketing off the ground, or if you’re already going, on the right path. Our next post will cover advertising and analytics, so stay tuned!


Did I leave anything out? If you have questions about your Facebook marketing strategy, contact me or comment below!


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