Etiquette : Monograms + Stationery

Jul 15 2014

by Emily McCarthy

We live in a world of fast-past planning and impromptu invitations. Yes, folks, e-vite-land galore. I admit that last minute planning is sometimes what happens – especially with families, busy jobs and kiddos. Sometimes, we just don’t plan ahead for sending physical invitations. And that’s okay – as long as you pull off your party with pizazz in the rest of the details. Etiquette is something that I have always been passionate about; I loved taking etiquette classes and learning the finer way of presenting yourself in life. Etiquette is so important in the corporate world as well as in everyday entertaining. Over the past couple of years, I have created these hand-dandy guides for all things etiquette.

The Monogram Etiquette Guide has been the most popular – married couples, hyphenated names, double names, etc. all have a place in a monogram when they are done right.

I hope you enjoy these go-to guides when monogramming your next set of napkins, purchasing your next shower gift or even sending your next party invitation.

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As always, Cheers!


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