Etiquette and Protocol Consultant Jennifer Daniel Wall Shares Tips

Jul 14 2016

by Cheri Leavy

Jennifer Daniel Wall grew up in Monroe, Louisiana, down the street from one of her grandmothers and less than two miles from the other. They both taught her by example how to entertain graciously and mind her manners. After graduating from Louisiana State University, she moved east to work for The Cloister Hotel on Sea Island, GA.

After a few years as the Social Coordinator for The Cloister Hotel, she was offered the opportunity to attend The Protocol School of Washington. Graduating in 2001, she credits the Protocol school for much of her success, but says that growing up so close to her grandmothers really shaped every aspect of her business.

Jennifer lives on Saint Simons Island, GA with her husband Jim and their daughter Eloise.


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We asked Jennifer to share some business etiquette tips with The Southern C …

Cheers! But don’t drink to yourself!

Weddings, graduations and summer celebrations. We are often asked to “say a few words.” What an honor to do so. Remember, when someone is giving a toast in your honor … do NOT drink to yourself. A simple, gracious “Thank you” will do.


Remember BMW … Bread, Meal, Water

Many people sit down for a business dinner and have no idea where their bread plate is! It’s a common mistake. So sit down and say BMW to yourself. Bread, Meal, Water. Easy way to remember that your bread plate is on the left and water glass on the right!


Always write a thank you note after an interview

Many people ask me if it is ok to email a quick thank you note to a potential employer … my answer is always the same. You may send a quick email if you feel that is appropriate, but a hand-written thank you note should follow.


Etiquette changes, Protocol remains the same

We must remember that Etiquette will continue to change and evolve with the times. Protocol is different, it remains much more consistent.


Consider your guest’s likes and dislikes

We must remember, when entertaining for business, to consider our guest’s likes and dislikes and think about where they feel most comfortable. You might love the five star dining experience, but if your clients hate that type of atmosphere, the meeting will not be a success. Make him/her/them feel comfortable.


Very crisp bacon may be eaten with the fingers

People always ask me this! And yes, it is true! Even in a fine dining atmosphere, you may eat very crisp bacon with your fingers.


Make your presence known to your peers

I often have people tell me they are going to “pop in and pop out.” Honestly, that will not get you far in life. Walk in, shake hands, meet someone new, speak to an old friend or colleague and make some new connections. This is the formula for success.


Jennifer’s Favorite books:

Anything by Emily Post

Complete Guide to The New Manners, Letitia Baldrige

Honor and Respect, The Official Guide to Names, Titles and Forms of Address, Robert Hickey

The Blue Book of Stationary, by Crane and Co.






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