Eptings new show Black Tie & BBQ (#BTBBQ) is available on Comcast Xfinity

Nov 24 2014

by Cheri Leavy

For anyone who attended The Southern C Summit in Athens, it comes as no surprise that Ashley Epting found a way to merge his two passions, film and event production.  During Ashley’s #tscsummit presentation at the Georgia Museum of Art, he reflected on his time spent at NYU and on the Atlanta Film Festival board as well as producing Not Since You in Athens.  Mixing that world into his family owned event production company, Epting Events, is surely the recipe for good tv.

Xfinity and Grit Tree Productions are producing the show Black Tie & BBQ (#BTBBQ) that goes behind the scenes with the Epting family of Epting Events and Harry’s Barbecue.  The Epting trio of Lee and sons Ashley and Daniel can only be described as a hoot and a half and we are looking forward to all of the fabulous “Leeisms” that will come from the patriarch’s mouth.

lee epting 2014-11-24 at 12.18.42 PMFrom high end galas to back yard fetes, this iconic southern catering family is working hard to
make others have fun, often in the name of charity.

The first five installments of their 14 episode first season are now available on Comcast Xfinity’s
Video on Demand platform (VOD). Grit Tree Productions, helmed by executive producers and Southern C Summit alums Scott Meier and Ashley Epting, is currently filming and in post production for the first season.

Black TIe & BBQ – Who are those guys? from Grit Tree Productions on Vimeo.

“Epting Events is known throughout the Southeast for the spectacular events they’ve been
producing for over 40 years,” said Meier. “As this family company enters its second generation,
the opportunity to showcase the behind the scenes fun and intensity is both entertaining and a
window into the South’s greatest common denominator: parties.”

BTBBQ documents the behind the scenes adventures of Epting Events & Harry’s Barbecue
owner Lee Epting along with sons, Ashley and Daniel, members of their crews, party partners,
vendors, chef’s, musicians and local celebrities. BTBBQ travels around the Southeast and takes
the viewer behind the scenes at a range of parties, from high end galas to rural pig roasts, formal
dinners and trendy hangouts. Episodes support local and national charities and nonprofits,
such as The Nature Conservancy, Wholesome Wave, Semester at Sea, Darius Goes West, the Atlanta
Film Festival, and The State Botanical Gardens.

For more information, visit the Black Tie & BBQ www.blacktieandbbq.com.

eptings and a chicken Shot 2014-11-24 at 12.24.13 PMAbout Epting Events:
Epting Events, founded by Lee Epting, is a family business living out the new Southern lifestyle.

For over forty years, Lee and his sons, Ashley and Daniel, have created unforgettable events
often in the name of charity. Partnering with culinary and design leaders in the hospitality
industry, the Eptings bring a fun, professional, and unique vision to the world of memorable
events. Epting Events is the only catering and event team in the South that routinely caters in over six states, while also operating their local Athens restaurant Harry’s Barbecue and the multimedia production and marketing company Grit Tree. Grit Tree Productions is currently producing the first season of Black Tie & BBQ (#BTBBQ) presented by Comcast Xfinity, which documents the behind the scenes adventures of Epting Events & Harry’s Barbecue.

eptingsHash tag: #BTBBQ
Website: www.blacktieandbbq.com
Instructions on how to watch:




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  1. Andy Goodwyn

    Hey Guys –

    I saw you’re annoying commercials on TV for weeks. I had no idea what you guys we’re talking about – so I went on to Comcast’s local section and checked it out. Wow! what a cool business and an even cooler platform to support charities. All of you are born to be in front of the camera, but none more than the friend that likes the old lady from the island. Sorry don’t remember details. I went to Georgia and lived in Athens for 5 years and loved it. I’d like to get involved somehow, someway – I don’t know – either donating time, money, or referring relationships to help further your business and charity work. I’m and Irish Catholic kid from Atlanta, so I have a pretty big family around the Southeast and a lot of friends – most of which we probably have in common. Keep up what you’re doing and please let me know how I can help.


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