Easy Sunday Morning South Georgia Boho Flower Bouquet

Dec 29 2013

by Christy Griner Hulsey

I must admit, being a florist sometimes has some out-of-this-world perks. Like totally, YEAH! I mean every bit of that. Like, when a photographer gets to pilfer through the abounding clothes rack full of good looking threads from two sublime fashion spots famous for their vestments. And, you get to make a matching flower bouquet for the chosen outfits.

It’s like playing dress up all. day. long.

So, here’s what we did: we planned it all for the most relaxed day of the week, Sunday. Then we found an old house in the outskirts of town. The model we commissioned for the shoot was just crowned Miss Pinewood Christian Academy & Miss Evans County. She’s just so beautiful, we wanted to dress her up over and over again in something like a gown topped with something the total opposite, like blue jeans. Country with a little Rock & Roll. A little tree bark with the silver service, you know what I mean? Yen & Yang. Joy & Pain. Clear sky with Cloudy Coverage. Bright wildflower bouquet in the still of a dull, cold winter day.

Beautiful, lip smacking excitement on the absolute slowest day of the week. Flannel atop lace. A fine fur just over raw dirt. A lonely, leafless tree serving as a backdrop a gorgeous bouquet made with the foraged leaves, from the tree’s lost Fall bounty. Brilliance among lackluster. Golden Raintree Blooms collected by my 87 year old Grandmother aside the finest Italian Ruscus.

We allowed each moment to inspire the next. J Leigh Captures got it all behind the camera.Colonial House nailed it with beautiful blooms. It’s a spin on a normally, slow day brushed with subtle southern touches. Go grab your coca-cola. And, slow sip it while you see how the day unfolds, the whole album is here. And there is more, you’ve got to see at Magnolia Rouge. 🙂


Feature: Magnolia Rouge
Hand Collected Flowers: My 87 Year Old Grandmother: Margie Tygart! 🙂
Floral Design: Colonial House Of Flowers

Photography: J Leigh Captures

Hair & Make Up: Melissa Bunn, Textures Salon

Model: Harley Strickland

Bridal Gown: Frills By Scott

Wardrobe: RJ Pope Ladies Apparel


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Christy Griner Hulsey is the Creative Director of Colonial House of Flowers, a family run boutique, founded in 1968 in South Georgia along the United States eastern seaboard in the little town of Statesboro - south of Atlanta, north of Savannah and with a growing international presence.

Using plants, flowers and a real story as her medium she specializes in creating intimate, high-end, bespoke, artistic partnerships, weddings, and event florals. She travels the globe teaching sold-out workshops, hosting fun pop-up shops, demonstrating and sharing herself in ways that focus on her old-world, painterly, classic yet whimsical garden style arrangements, which she shares on instagram @colonialhouseofflowers.

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